Monday, 7 April 2014

Let's Talk// My Favourite Apps

Hello everyone,

I love finding new apps for my Ipad and Iphone, I love watching what's on my ... videos they are amazing and so informative. I thought I would do this because I love talking about apps. I have a mixture but not too many games.

- Edexcel Past Papers// 

This is amazing because I am currently doing my GCSE'S and past papers are so useful and so is this app. It gives you lots of past papers for all different levels or education and all different subjects. (This app is free)

- Tube Map//

Everyone and their nan would have hard of this app. But it's truly amazing you can see what trains go where and where to get off. Also you can plane you route and it gives you step by step instructions. This is also amazing because it can give you the fastest route or the route with less stops. (This app is free)

- Makeup Alley//

I love buying makeup I am addicted, but I prefer getting other people's opinions first and I buy quite a lot of my makeup on recommendations. I also love this because you can make a review and put in your skin type, hair and eye colour and more. This is great because you can relate to it and they have lots of makeup brands and products, high end and drugstore. (This app is free)

- Wanelo//

I am addicted to instagram and this is shopping instagram. You can search lots of things to buy and you can buy it from the app. I love browsing evrything because they have lots of categories, like Active, kids, weddings, menswear, design and lots more. (This app is free)

- Flipagram//

This app was very popular towards New Years because everyone was making 2013 memories and I did. This app is so good and it's nice to make videos, because you can get pictures from instagram and they look very nice and it's a nice memory. (This app is free) 

- Quotes Wallpapers & Backgrounds (Quotes WP)//

If you didn't know already I am addicted to quotes, I love reading them and my backgrounds for my phone are always some sort of quote. I get them from this app because they are really nice, the only thing is on this app the backgrounds are hit and miss. You are on the app for a long time finding the right one. But once you find some you will never delete them. (This app is free)

- Versagram//

I use this all the time when I am editing Aidan's videos. It's very good for a front page title. They have lots of designs and now they have video ones where the background is moving. (This app is free)

- QuizUp//

This game is addictive. It's just lots of quizzes on lots of different subjects. I love doing the Winter Olympic Games and they do so many subjects. What I also like is you can play against so many people around the world. (This app is free)

- Polyvore//

If you see any of my wish list posts and they are all in one picture layed out nicely. I do it on this app, I use it mostly on my laptop but I love browsing through what people have made a collage of. It's also good for on the go and I randomly see something I can put it in a collage to talk about in my next wish list. (This app is free)

- Bandsintown// 

This app is perfect because you can browse different artist's to see where their next concerts are, how many people are going. This is great again for browsing but also their is a direct link to get tickets and how much each ticket it. (This app is free)

- Pumpup//

I found this on Pbbunny97's workout video. This is very good because you can build a perfect workout based on what want to work on and what equipment you have. They first of all ask you what your training goal is for example loosing weight, getting toned, building muscle and being healthy. They ask you if your a beginner, intermediate or advances. You duration and weather you at home, gym or away, equipment, target muscle and add on's. After it gives you your perfect workout. (This app is free)

- Find my Iphone//

I hate it when you loose your phone but it's in the house. This is perfect because you can link it up to your Itunes account so you can find multiple apple devices. You can beep it and you can hear where it is. Also if you have lost it outside your house you can find where it is on a map and lock your phone. This app is a life savor. Also you can do this so it finds your phone, Ipod or Ipad. (This app is free) 

- Squaready//

I love this because it can make you picture look like a polaroid with a different colour background or white. You can position the picture any where you want. This looks amazing an is so easy to use. (This app is free)

- TwinCollage//

I think have two picture together looks amazing, I have used this in my Sephora Haul with the pictures together. It looks really good and it's better than having two picture on top of another. I love this app it's really easy to use and looks really good. (This app is free)

- Spotify//

I am addicted to Spotify you can get it on your laptop aswell but I have it on my phone and ipad, and I am always using it. It's such a genius app and I am in love. (This app is free)

- Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks//

I do Spanish GCSE and this app is my love, it helps so much. It tracks you progress and you can play games it'a amazing. This is free but you have to pay a certain amount to unlock more levels which is what I done. (This app is free but with restrictions)

- Pocket Yoga//

I love a bit of yoga here and their. And this app gives you so many poses to do, this is great I just wish I used it more. I really reccomend this if you are really into it. (This app is £1.99)

- Private Journal//

I have always had some sort of diary, and having it on a app is always the easiest. I really like this app it is easy to use, you can add music, pictures, videos and more. Also with this you can set a password. 

Have you tried any of these? Any Apps you reccomend? Comment Below

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