Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tag// 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about which tag to do, and the 10 things that make me happy tag seemed really positive and just fun to do. This is what makes me happy...

1. My dog// He just makes me so happy and he is so adorable. 

2. Milkshakes and Smoothies// These are just my life in a drink, I love the Millie's Cookies cookie shakes. Also Yog do some amazing smoothies, also they are so healthy for you!

3. Planes, Airports and Flying// Some people hate flying and planes, but I love them. I am always so happy and I just love flying!

4. Makeup and Shopping// These kind of tie in but I love makeup it's my passion and hobby. And I love Shopping, but only when I feel like I could buy the whole shop if I had the money.

5. Holidays and Traveling// I love going on Holiday, also and because it ties in with number 3. I get so happy seeing different places, people and cultures. 

6. Spain!// This is going to sound of weird, but Spain makes me so happy. It makes me so happy that I am going to live their one day!

7. Music// I think music and get you through everything and anything, I love listening to my favourite songs. It just makes me so happy even when I am in the worst mood. Also I love the quote/saying "Headphones in, world out", this sums everything up.

8. Quotes// Like music, quotes make me so happy and I live by quotes. On my phone is full of quotes. They just sum up everything, happy and sad.

9. Youtube and Reading blogs// I don't watch that much TV that is because I am always on my laptop, phone or, Ipad watching my favourite Youtuber's. Also I love reading blogs they make me so happy and non stressed. 

10. Friends and Family// I wouldn't be able to cop without my friends and family. I could be in a really bad mood and they would always cheer me up. Also when I am with friends I am always happy and don't have a single worry.

I can't believe I managed 10! I done some notes on my phone yesterday and I could have came up with 15 going onto 20!

What makes you happy? Comment below. Also I tag you!

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