Monday, 14 April 2014

Tag// The Princess

Hello everyone,

I have seen this tag quite a few months ago and always wanted to do it since. It is called the princess tag. You have each category of makeup and you have to name your favourite high end piece from that category. But if you haven't got something to fill that category then you name something you would like to get.


I have chosen the Mac studio fix fluid. I love this because it is very high coverage and look flawless every time. It was my very fist Mac item and I love it very much out of all my high end favourites.


I have to say my Mac studio finish concealer, I thought I lost this and found it yesterday. This concealer again is full coverage and covers everything and looks amazing every time.


I am not trying to make this all Mac. But I have to say my Mac Studio fix powder plush foundation. This is medium to full coverage. I want to try more high end powders. I don't use this everyday but I wear it more with a sheer foundation.


I have two favourites, which are Benefit hoola and Nars Laguna. These are amazing because they are perfect for contouring. It looks so defined and perfect.


I have quite a few favourites, Benefit Rockateur, Nars Orgasm and Clarins Miami Pink. The Benefit one is rose gold and looks perfect with a gold highlighter. Also the Nars one is a perfect pink with shimmer. And the Clarins one is a perfect pink, but this has kind of a slight shimmer, not that noticeable though.


It has to be Mac's mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. This looks stunning on every skin tone. You can use your fingers or use a dense brush compared on how much you want. This looks amazing when it catches the light.


I have more high end palletes. I love the Urban Decay Naked 2 and basics pallete. They are perfect naturals, great for everyday and amazing for travel.


I don't have any high end eyeliners. But I would love to try the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, or a Mac eyeliner. 


I have been in love with the Benefit They're real and I love it so much. I have back ups for this because I can't go a day without it.

Lip Liner//

I don't have any high end lip liners, but I really want to try one from Mac.

Lip stick//

I have to say Mac Angel or my Chanel Rouge coco shine lipsticks. They are very wearable colours and look amazing. Also they are great lipsticks for everyday.


My Chanel lipsgloss in Amour (166). Great on top of every lipgstick and looks great on it's own.

Brow Product//

This was a really hard one, I would say my Anastasia Brow wiz and brow powder. But lately I have been loving Benefit Brow zings, this can be very natural or very defined.

Miscellaneous product//

This is really really hard, but I have chosen the Urban Decay All nighter setting spray. This is such a good product I can't reccomend it more. I was shocked how longer it kept my makeup on for.

Nail Polish//

I don't have any for this because when and if I am getting my nails done, it is normally acrylics.


  1. Mac Studio Fix is a lovely foundation, great post, I'm so nosey and love to see what makeup other people have and especially which products are there favourites! <3 x

    1. It is really good! Thank you so much x I know it's so interesting haha xxx