Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's in my bag!

Hello everyone,

We are all a bit nosy, and I love seeing what people lug around with them on a daily basis. And because of that I am going to be showing you what is in my bag.

My bag is from H&M and I love it so much, it was £29.99. It looks and feels like a Prada bag. (Click here) They also do this in a light grey, which is stunning.

My bag 

Also what I love so much about this bag, is the details aren't all in your face. It has simple and elegant gold details on the strap and on the side of the bag it has a cream panel (very small). This comes with a detachable strap and gold studs at the bottom, to protect your bag when on the floor. 

What's in my bag

- Ted Baker Purse
- Ted Baker Makeup Bag (After this I am writing a what's in my makeup bag post)
- Dr Dre beats headphone (Lady Gaga design) 
- Drumstick loly (Hmm my favourite)
- The Body Shop Mango hand sanatizer
- The Body Shop Cranberry Bliss hand cream
- Bic Black pen
- Smint's (I always have some mints)
- Paperchase pad (Great for note taking and blog post inspiration)
- Umbrella (Can never trust British weather)
- The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist
- The Body Shop Strawberry perfume 

(What in my Makeup Bag// Click here)

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