Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring 2014 fashion// For less

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about what was on the run way's a few months ago, and I would never spend £10,000 on a coat for example. But I have put down inspiration for the run way's but for less and on the high street.


I am in love with the box t-shirts, we have seen them lots over the past months on the run way's from the likes of Calvin Klein and Burberry. I love this one from Miss Guided and it's only £14.99. 

Flared trousers are such a 70's piece, but now they are very modern. I love this pare from Forever 21. I couldn't find the exact link but I have linked it to all their flared trousers. They are such a effortless piece and very easy to style; great for spring and especially summer.

When looking for a 'for less' clothing piece Topshop is the way to go! I was seeing lots of these Bomber Jackets. And went straight to Topshop, I love this one because it's a piece you can wear everyday, but I love the croc print. This is great for Spring where you don't want a parka. It's only £58 and it's easy to style but looks very put together.

I am in love with these coats they are very boyfriend like, with the no buttons. This colour is great for Spring and on those Summer days where it's not hot. I love how bright the colour is it's stunning. It's £75 not the cheapest but cheaper than £5,000 from Burberry. 

What Spring 2014 trend have you been loving? Comment Below.

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