Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Let's Talk// Blogging

Hello everyone,

Since I have been doing a 'Let's Talk' series I have always wanted to do my blogging tips and what I think of blogging, and my personal experience with 
doing my blog.

How I started//

When I was in year 7 at school (2010) one of our assessments in ICT was that we had to create a blog, it could be on anything but it had to have a specific topic. I personally can't remember what mine was on I would like to say Celebrities. But some people done their's on N-Dubz and Hati.

As you could imagine I loved doing this, it was so much fun and it was all tailored to our own personalities. This is how it started then when we finished doing that assessment I still carried on with a blog. I started it about fashion and my posts were so embarrassing. I called it Passion4fashion, I just recently deleted it last year but I can retrieve it back.

This is what set me off in the world of blogging! Then I discovered you tube and I came across Blair and Elle Fowler, then Zoella and Tanya. I discovered that they had blogs I was obsessed and this is what set me off into beauty. Ever since then I have had a blog and this blog 'Love4beauty2412' is my passion.

It means the world to me having a blog, as I mentioned I have had one for 4 years now! I love doing this and I am so grateful that I have people reading my blog from all around the world. If you are reading my blog then it would mean the world to me if you followed me blog. You can press the box saying 'Join this site'. It very quick and easy also if you love my blog so much you can follow my blog aswell. This means you get emails when I upload.

My tips//

1. Make it your own//

I am obsessed with so many blogs that are so amazing and I want my blog to be like theres. But don't copy everything they have make it your own. Take inspiration for their but add your own style to it. For example I took inspiration from Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup, but I made it my own.

2. Add a header//

Personally this is what makes a blog I think. It brings your attention to it more, also it's easy for someone to see what you blog is about and what it's called. They are so easy to make your self it takes 30-60 minutes. I used this blog to help me Sew Many ways.  

3. Clear Pictures//

Add pictures to your blog, but a big thing I can't express enough is... Use your own pictures where possible! If you are showing someone somethings you really want then that's fine. But add a source link to it aswell. Also if you are using your own pictures make them as clear as possible! I have started doing my pictures in my bathroom because it's very light and clear. Also go outside and make sure their is no glare. Also i'm not saying you have to go and get a Dslr because I don't even use that good of a camera. I use my Iphone 5s and it works great. Zoella has a great blog post on taking pictures (Click here)

4. Do what you love//

By this I mean if someone requests you to do a makeup collection and you don't feel comfortable doing that for some reason, then don't. But if you want to please you audience then meet them half way. Show your top 5 products, then you feel comfortable and your pleasing your audience. 

5. It's not all about the views//

Let's say you have had your blog for 6 weeks with consistent posts, then don't expect to have 100 followers by then. I have had my blog for 2 years with only 4 followers, but I don't do it for the followers. Also from my experience it is much harder people finding your blog rather than people finding your you tube channel for example. Just hang in their and be patient. 

6. Be consistent//

I touched on this in the one above, but for me this is one of my top 3 most important ones. If someone has spotted your blog and enjoyed a few posts from you. Then they don't want to be checking every day for you next post. You need to be consistent even if it's one post a week. If you are doing 20 in 2 weeks, and the next 2 weeks you do 6 that is not being consistent. I think start off with one a week and promise that but if you do extra even better. 

7. Finding you//

I am addicted to social network, and it's great to have your links to other social network somewhere easy to find on your blog. I have 3 silver glitter icons on the top right of my blog. And I have decided to start adding them to the bottom of my blog aswell. 

8. Make lists//

If you struggle to keep track of the posts you want to do, lists are your best friends! I make lists on my phone of the posts I want to do. I know that I can be laying in bed half asleep and think of a post to do. This is great if you get inspiration from anything, just jot it down.

9. Avoid cluttering your blog//

When I am re designing my blog I know that I love to keep things neat and tidy. I love to have simple colours and keep it easy to read with the font and size. Also if you have a lot of random things dotted round your blog. Make sure the imprtant thing are to the top and easy to fun.

10. Have fun//

Don't feel as if doing your blog is a choir, if your not inspired then don't do anything. Make sure your in the mood because if your not people can tell in the way your writing. This is a great community, have fun and socialize with other bloggers. 

If you have a blog, leave the link below! and I will be sure to check it you.

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