Monday, 22 August 2016

School Resources - Back To School

I feel as if through my school career there are some apps and some resources that never let me down, I thought I would share some of them with you that are just god sends! These are apps, websites and other things that have helped me especially throughout GCSE's and college so far. 

The educational apps:

Spotify - I feel as if this is a given when it comes down to work and studying, but when I am at college or doing work at home I am always sticking on a Spotify playlist to block out any background noise. This is always a go-to for me on a daily basis, but an essential when it comes down to college. The best thing about this as well if you have pre-made playlists so you're not spending your time procrastinating making playlists, instead of getting your work done! (link)

Grammarly - This is something I recently discovered through a youtube advert! This is going to be a life savour for when I am doing coursework, or writing my personal statements. This is basically a spell check, but it's so much better as it gives you hints, synonyms and help on what you could use instead. This has a free version (which I currently have), as well as a paid version which I am thinking of buying! You have an online account and an app to download, where it can instantly check your work in seconds. (link)

Evernote - This is something I go through phases of using, but I always go back to it! This is perfect to combine your accounts with multiple devices, and you can pick up your notes from your phone or another device. This is so easy to make quick notes, perfect for when you're in class! I have multiple 'notebooks' for my blog, university, personal and college. (link)

Refme - Have you ever struggled with referencing your work? Well, this is the best thing you can download, my college recommend this to us and I couldn't thank them enough! This is the perfect app and online app that can help make referencing so easy, we use Harvard referencing and this allows you to copy and past the site where you used some quotes in your work, then it gives you the exact thing to copy and paste into your work! Also what makes this the best thing ever, when you're referencing from a book just download the app, take a picture of the barcode and your accounts will link and give you the reference for your work. (link)

The Student Room - Since starting to look at universities the student room has come in more handy than ever, I have always had an account for the longest time but never really needed it till now! Think of this like a constant Q&A about everything you will want to know, this can help with person statements, applications, A-levels and everything else student related! (link)

The Homework App - I wish I had this app while doing my GCSE's, this is an online academic diary where you can organise your class schedule, work due in dates and keep track of all the tasks at hand. This is perfect because you can colour coordinate your subjects and work, but it gives your reminders of when things are due in and how many days you have till it's due in. Also, this has come in handy with all my college work, and I could see this helping a lot of people in university too. (link)

Apps to make school a tad easier:

Unidays - I am hoping that a lot of you have heard of this wonderful app, the best part about being a student is... student discount! I have found that not every shop/restaurant accepts my student ID but with this, you can still get your discount in stores, and online!. This can come in handy because the extra two-pound savings really do make a difference! A number of fantastic discounts you get it the best, such as Urban Decay, Mcdonalds and more! (link)

Steps - Something that my friends and I have been doing at college is count our steps, this app is perfect to see how many steps you're doing in a day and whether you're reaching your daily goal or not! When studying and at college, you spend a lot of your time at your desk writing but this encourages you to walk more and achieve your daily goal. Also sometimes you can be surprised at how many steps you do in a day! (link)

Colorfy - Adult colouring books have been the craze lately, they are perfect for taking a few minutes out from a stressful day. Perfect for school, because we all know how stressful it can get! Having an app where you can de-stress for a bit is the best, and you will be surprised at how much it makes a difference! Having it on your phone and tablet is the best, just because you can take it where ever you're going! (link)

Shelby x

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