Thursday, 25 August 2016

Revolution Eye Shadow Palettes

If you're looking for some affordable eyeshadow palettes, well you've come to the right place! I am going to be talking about (you've guessed it...) some affordable eyeshadow palettes, and a brand in particular! Revolution.

Okay, so the two palettes that I have and think are amazing for the money, are the Revolution ultra eye shadows, in the shades affirmation and flawless matte. You get 32 stunning shades, in each palette, whihc are all different but go so well together, all for the price of £8. 

You can buy these two in question from Superdrug, Revolution has an amazing selection of makeup products ranging from the brightest of eyeshadows to some lovely highlighters. You can check out the palettes here.

left - Revolution ultra eyeshadows affirmation
Right - Revolution ultra eyeshadow flawless matte

As you can tell out of all of them I have opted for the most wearable and natural colours, these shadows are pigments but some are more pigmented than others especially in the affirmation palette. They blend so well, and they all look lovely on the eye! You have a lovely range of shades in both palettes, and for £8 you really can't complain. 

The Affirmation palette is my favourite one as of right now, just because I am more into shimmery eyeshadows compared to all mattes. The shades vary as you can tell from the photos, you have some stunning pinky shades and warm tones which remind me of the Naked 2 and 3 palettes. But then you also have some more fun colours such as a copper and some purples, so you can really use this palette for any occasion. I have found out from some past experiences that when using some of the darker colours for a crease, that you don't need that much product! As you can imagine I looked like I had a black eye from all the pigmentation.

Then on the right is the flawless mattes palette, this was the first one I bought when I was more of a matte sorta gal! This has some lovely shades which are all different, I really like some of the colours with more pink undertones as it's just something a bit different. All the colours are so wearable, you have some multi-use colours such as the brows for eyebrow colours, and the blacks for eyeliner. The best thing about having this palette is that you have a range of matte shadows, in a lot of my other palettes there aren't too many matte shades apart from the Naked Basics, but now I have this one I have every colour that I will ever need for cut crease, transition colours etc. 

I am so glad I have both these palettes because they are great to use in conjunction with each other, just because the shades complement each other so well. These are perfect for travelling, starting out with makeup and for more advanced people because they are easy to carry as you have 32 shades all in one place.

I would give these a 9/10 just because they are simply amazing, the range of products that Revolution has to offer is amazing especially for the prices, a lot of eyeshadows as well as some highlighting, blush and contouring palettes all of which I have my eye on! Not many brands offer palettes of such a variety which are lovely for the drugstore and the small price! Check out the rest of the range here!

Shelby x 

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