Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Pandora Bracelet

Hello everyone,

I know this post is late as I am uploading this on a Sunday but I was very busy so decided to spend more time today writing this post. I am going to show you my pandora bracelet, as this can be interesting to see the reasons behind my charms etc. I will be doing another one of these talking about all my pandora rings.

Starting left to right - 

First of all I have the Pandora moments single woven leather black bracelet, I decided to get this one a few years ago as I felt the signature one too common, and with the leather one it's more appropriate to wear on a daily basis.

Celebration glasses pendant charm (£35) - I got this charm because who doesn't love champagne to begin with, but it just celebrates everything I have achieved lately which my parents had bought me, so it means a lot to me because it reminds me of all the positive things I have done. 

Heart Lock & Key charm (£30) - I got this charm for Christmas just gone, I don't really have a reason for why I asked for this but I think my nan bought this for me, I just really liked it as it's cute  and girly.

Engraved heart charm (£30) - I have always loved different languages, and this is just one that I felt suited my personality and one I loved, it have love in all different languages which is so interesting and lovely.

Bow charm (£30) - I love bows, the look of them and the general meaning, this is just a really cute charm and it means a lot because my nan bought it for me a few years ago.

La Sagrada Familia charm Now discontinued (Approx £40) - Ever since starting to learn Spanish I had fallen in love with the look of Barcelona, hence why I got this charm this is my all time favourite charm, and I am beyond excited to say that I am going to Barcelona this year. 

Circle game spacer pink (£25) - I wanted to keep my bracelet with no colour and meaningful, but I felt the need to a spacer which had some colour but wasn't in your face, I decided on this one as it also matches one of the rings I have. 

Duck charm (£25) - I got this charm a few years ago from a friend, she reason why it was a duck because I used to love ducks as they are cute but only the "animated" type ones.

My Princess Tiara pendant charm (£40) - My dad got this charm for me last year for my birthday, it means a lot because it's a cute one for a dad to give to a daughter, this is just a lovely detailed charm which also matches my earrings.

Clover charm (£25) - This charm means a lot to me, as this was the very first charm I got when I got my bracelet, the reason why we chose this charm as it was a good luck one for my exams and assessments I was doing, so it means a lot in both respects.

My Sweet pet charm (£30) - This charm again also is one of the most meaningful ones, as my mum and I got a matching charm in memory of our dog Charlie.

I highly recommend pandora charm bracelets, as they can be so meaningful and a great thing to collect! 

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