Thursday, 3 March 2016

Making your lipstick last

Hello everyone,

I have a tip to share with you that will make your lipstick last a lot longer, this does take a few minutes longer to do as a process, but it stops you from applying your lipstick lots of times throughout the day!

You don't have to use these specific makeup products but these are the ones you can use, I will also recommend some great alternative brands from the drugstore.

Preparation - Preparing your lips is also key to making your lipstick last throughout the day, I start off by using a lip scrub such as Lush Santa lip scrub, you can use a toothbrush instead! The I apply a moisturising lip balm, but something that layers well underneath lipstick, such as EOS or Palmers coco butter lip balm.

The Products - The things you will need to make your lipstick last after the preparation stage are:

  • Tissue (You can use toilet paper as well)
  • A lip pencil (Mac Spice - Alternative brand Rimmel/Kiko)
  • A lipstick (Mac Velvet Teddy - Alternative brand Revlon/Bourjois)
  • Loose powder (Benefit The porefessional agent zero shine - Alternative brand Maybelline)
  • Small powder brush (Mine came with the powder - Alternative brand Real Techniques)
The process - This process can sound really lengthy but practice makes perfect, so once you keep doing this you can do it within a minute. The following steps allow you to create a lipstick which lasts:

  1. Start by scrubbing your lips to create a base which is free from dead skin, then apply your favourite lip balm.
  2. Now apply your lip liner all over your lips which is a close match to your lipstick shade, once you have allowed your lip balm to sink in for around 10 seconds.
  3. Next apply your lipstick, think about the finish your lipstick has, as matte lipsticks last longer!
  4. Now blot your lipstick with the tissue, you have to pull apart the paper in half which is shown in the above photo.
  5. Apply some more of your lipstick and blot again!
  6. Lastly onto the interesting step, place the other half of the paper over your lips, and apply a light dusting of loose powder over the tissue. Using the loose powder with mattify your lipstick using a small powder brush, or even a eye shadow brush, as well as allow it to last longer because you've applied layers.
  7. This is optional but you can apply a lip balm or lip gloss, to not make the lipstick as dry.

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