Thursday, 10 March 2016

Driving Lesson Experience #3

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since I last updated you on my driving lessons but I thought this week would be perfect, as their is a lot to tell you and just a lot of things I have been learning. I have to admit I feel like I have been driving for years, when it's been nearly 3 months!

If your wondering this is the booklet I got give when I had my first lesson, and this is where we tick off everything I have been doing and as you can see I have nearly completed everything.

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 (Driving lesson #7) -  

This lesson we moved onto doing pedestrian crossings, and to be honest their isn't much to say about these apart from that they aren't hard you just have to be aware, especially checking for pedestrians when approaching the crossings. Other than that they aren' too bad, this is where I started to improve and excel even more in my generic driving which is good. But I remember feeling that I wasn't getting anywhere with my driving because it felt like I was still doing the basics, but you have to take baby steps! 

Wednesday 10th February 2016 (Driving lesson #8) - 

We done a recap lesson which meant we just drove around looking for pedestrian crossings and more situations in meeting the crossing, as before we didn't get to practise the meeting situations, but this lesson I still thought that pedestrian crossings weren't hard because the more you practise something the easier it becomes. What I enjoyed the most about going over this again was I spent more time during, then I did doing pedestrian crossings this is because the more you practise driving the better because you feel more comfortable getting used to all the controls, and to be honest I love driving so i'm not going to complain spending the whole hour driving!

Wednesday 17th February 2016 (Driving lesson #9) - 

I was excited to finally be moving on to something more challenging, which was meeting traffic. This was a really good lesson because I was experiencing driving for a lot amount of time, I also went on different routes and roads and ended up a while away. The meeting traffic wasn't bad at all, you just have to stay calm and as I have really good spacial awareness this was really easy for me, it was nice to just drive and feel like I know what I am doing whilst in the drivers seat.

Wednesday 24th February 2016 (Driving lesson #10) -

On this day I couldn't believe that is had been two months since I started to learn to drive, the time has been flying past! I was very excited because we were moving onto the manoeuvres and specifically the turn in the road (three point turn)! I was definitely nervous to be doing something more complex, but I was staying calm as I have really good clutch control. This was a lot easier than I expected, but the more complex one to remember at times, the only thing with the clutch control was that fact that my legs were killing me after, and especially my ankles! 

Wednesday 2nd March 2016 (Driving lesson #11) -

We done another recap on the turn in the road, just so I was more comfortable with it as their is a lot to remember in this one. I have to say I think I more or less mastered it and felt as if everything was finally coming together. My instructor and I was saying that once you've been learning to drive you get that 'click' after a while, and everything will all come together and your just exceed miles from that point onwards, well with that in mind we came to the conclusion that on my 11th lesson that was the 'click' I had been talking about, as now I just am a master at everything we try and i'm exceeding very quickly which is very good to see.

Wednesday 9th March 2016 (Driving lesson #12) -

I can;t believe that now I have had 12 driving lessons, I feel like i've not been driving for 12 weeks, but then feel like I have been driving for years! We were doing reverse parking yesterday, and I was nervous but no as because she was saying this was her favourite one, well I have to say this is also mine! I pretty much picked this up straight away, and really enjoyed this as it's really stuck with me! Everything has been coming together so well lately and it's so nice to feel that it's been going really well! My instructor was telling me we only have a few more 'lessons of learning' then we go onto recapping everything, which means we are aiming for May/June roughly for me to be driving! I am so excited to find out were coming towards the end but I can't believe it!

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