Friday, 11 March 2016

University & future plans

Hello everyone,

I have wanted to make a post like this for a while now, but never had the time to spend just blabbering on about university and my future plans, for hours on end! But I have some time now to write this up, so the purpose of this is just for me to talk to you about you guessed it, university and my future plans!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to university, and I have always said to myself that I want to do business and live as far away from home as possible! I am such an independent person, and I would hate not to take advantage of living away from home while I have the chance to. I have been looking at universities and courses for at least 3 years now, so I have done a lot of preparation for when it comes to personal statements and actually visiting universities!

Now we are being advised to start looking at universities if that is a path we're thinking about going down, and now I am stating to 'over think' the whole situation, it's scary that it's happening so soon! I finish college around May/June, and when we get back in September we have to start applying for different universities and courses, which seems just makes everything seem really realistic and close. 

I have always wanted to do business at university, as I feel in love with the subject in year 10! This is also why I am studying level 3 business at college. Their are also two different types of people I would say when it comes to their future, you have one person that knows roughly a good idea about what they want to do, and on the other hand someone who has no clue! Either option is fine, but I have always known what I want to do, and yes it has changed a few times but for a few years now I see myself as a business woman, in marketing/management and preferably with my own business. 

The course I am thinking about taking at university is Business management with marketing and this has been an option of mine for a few years now. The universities I am looking at are:

- Manchester Metropolitan
- Birmingham City
- Westminster
- Buckingham

Machester and Birmingham are the furthest out of the list, they are about a 2/3 hour drive from where I live. Where as Westminster and Buckingham are about 45/60 minutes away from me, so I am going from one extreme to the other! I have looked at a few universities already which is my local one, and Bedfordshire which I visited with school trips etc. I am excited to go on this adventure, and to visit the universities so this is something I definitely want to document on my blog! But at the moment I am undecided at wether I want to go a few hours away or to stay 'closer' to home?

Lastly I have always had the dream of going to university, getting my degree and moving forwards onto my masters and PHD! But who knows, all I know is that I want to be happy, doing business and potentially owning my own business! 

When it comes to future jobs, I would love to do marketing or management as it's something I really enjoy! If I could do any job in marketing it would be something like a Marketing Director for a large company, then on the management side I love the idea for a Corporate Investment Banker or something along the lines of a Management Consultant etc. You may know about the Prospects website (link), but they are amazing and have great advice and links about education and jobs! Then if your looking for some personal university advice, check out Jess from JDRMakeup, she is currently at MMU doing a business degree and has great advice about university, student life and everything you need to know about uni life (link).

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