Saturday, 12 March 2016

A letter to my younger self

Hello everyone,

Lastly I have been watching some videos about a letter to my younger self, I first of all saw this on Sarah's channel (link) where we wrote to her 18 year old self, considering i'm not 18 yet I've done a letter to my younger self.

Dear younger self,

First of all I suppose what your want to know is that your doing alright! I am happy to tell you that your doing what you love the most, and you have made some lovely new friends along the way. 

So secondary school wasn't the easiest for you in the beginning, as you wasn't really an out going person, you we're a shy and timid young girl who didn't have a clue where she wanted to go, or what she wanted to by in 5 years time but that's okay. I should probably tell you first of all you need to loosen up a little, not take things so seriously especially in your early years at secondary school, you were so focused on your education which i'm not going to fault you for, you have some good ways about you that have helped you survive all your exams in years to come.

You may want to know that your years at secondary school fly by, you feel like you've been there 10 years but in fact it was only 5! But they were some of the biggest years of your life, because comparing how you went into year 7 to how you left year 11 you would't think you were the same person! You worked of socks off with every challenge you were faced through that time, you may of failed at a few things but you picked yourself up straight away and carried on, this is what I love the most about you is your determination to do well and this hasn't left your side! I love that you finally found some things you enjoyed and that you were good at, especially when it came to Spanish it was never easy for you, and it didn't get any easier as you decided to take this a step further and decided to spend another pain staking extra year studying it! But you found a subject that you are very good at, and your so good at it that your planning to spend 3 years at university to come out with a degree in this, but you being you and wanting to do your best at everything have calmed that you would love to being a doctor in this subject! I am very proud of you for sticking by what you love the most, and for doing well at it!

I don't want to hide anything from you, but coming towards the end of secondary school were not the nicest years of your life, you faced a lot of challenges in general but you had a lot of hurdles to face which didn't make studying for your exams any easier! But you stuck by all the extra maths lessons and help you could get, as well as all the Spanish after school lessons and you survived. You have grown up so much within a short space of time, you are now a confident, positive and hopefully young woman and it's something everyone will notice. But go get to this stage you have meet to lovely friends that are here to stay, but you have also lost a lot of friends but don't forget that some people will come and go, but the ones that are your true friends won't leave your side. However busy you are just send a quick text to your nearest and dearest to show that you care, because at least you can say you tried. 

You are a very lucky girl, you have been to some amazing places across the world and make loads of memories that you will cherish forever. You are so fortunate to have such a loving family, and friends so don't forget to thank them for always being there for you and helping you become the person you are today. 

If your dying to find out how you done in your GCSE's your just going to have to wait and find out, but to put your mind at rest your hard work, determination and diligence has payed off! Don't forget that all the extra hours your putting in after school do help a lot, so keep doing what your doing and your be just fine! You even get an award for all your hard work in one of your subjects which is such an achievement, considering their was a chance you wasn't going to pass and get the grades. Your positive thinking and persisentce is something that will help you through these tough times so don't let that slip because that's what a lot of people love the most about you! Also your be happy to know that you get another award, without giving too much away your early morning to spend getting ready pay off ;)

Your look back 5 or so years from now and your be astonished by what you have achieved, and the confidence you have gained from just being at school! You decide to leave your secondary school to embark on a new adventure somewhere totally different, and it will be the best decision you have ever made, your so happy where you are now as you've meet some lovely friends but you are just enjoying this a lot more than you would be at secondary school! You may of left your friends behind, but your friendship will stay strong with some of them as you now have weekly catch ups in Costa almost every Thursday getting the gossip of what's been happening. And your be happy to know that you have now branched out in the drinks section, and your a massive lover of coffee! I know who would of thought it, your still not a fan of tea but you do love your Mocha coolers, frappuccino's and lattes! 

Also who would of thought it that you'd be learning to drive, and I have to give you some credit your not a bad drive you know! You have been working really hard on your driving and so much so that soon your be putting in for your actual driving test! Who would of thought it that you'd be on the road very soon, you have made multiple get ways with your friends from college and work! Yes I repeat work, you have even managed to bag yourself a job which is something that you never would of been able to do a few years ago, but you have meet a massive group of friends that will be by your side and a phone call away whenever you need them!

Lastly you may want to know that your looking currently at universities, and your thinking about a few cities in mind which means you have to live away from home! This is something you have been contemplating back and fourth at wether living 2-3 hours away from home is for you, but i'm sure your make the right decision! You have now a career in mind which is definitely one to stay, since your air stewardess, forensic scientist and makeup artist careers were all just a phase! But I suppose I should let you know that your going to start talking to boys a lot more as you grow up, and just a piece of advice to help you by is to have fun but don't waste any time or tears on them as they are all d**k's the lot of them! Either way your hopes of still getting married are still one of your biggest goals, so much so that you and a few friends will start planning your weddings through Pinterest boards! 

Well good luck for the future, you won't need much of it as your doing perfectly fine! 

Love your older wiser self! x

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