Thursday, 17 March 2016

Standing up for yourself

Hiya everyone,

I have been keeping up to date with a lot of you tubers on snapchat at the moment, and Anna Saccone (@asacconejoly) posted a whole story dedicated to standing up for yourself, and it has inspired to to write this post so these are some tips and my advice for standing up for yourself (the mature approach!).

I would just like to say that standing up for yourself is totally different to you being a b**ch and just our right rude, you have to find the cut off line of when your edging to being rude, as you want to take the mature approach. These are just some tips I have used and just some generic advice I have used.
It's okay to stand up for yourself! I think a lot of people get the idea that if you stand up for yourself people are going to think your maybe scared or just being a coward at times, but if you do this the right way people will respect you more as it's not good to let everyone walk all over you!
Be confident - When your standing up for yourself you need to be confident as your going to be speaking out to someone, you need to show that your not scared and your believing in yourself, if your not going to take it seriously enough to support yourself how do you expect anyone else to take what your saying seriously?
Don't jump in straight away - When your standing up for yourself you need to make sure you know what your talking about, and that it's worth you getting involved or 'confronting' someone, this is why you should take a step back for a bit, analyse the situation and gather information to back up your points, then compose yourself and finally speak to the person in question!

Be calm and mature - Sometimes some people may think that standing up for yourself can lead to even worse consequences such as arguments, an yes it can at times but if you take the calm and mature approach theirs no reason it should escalate! You need to not be rude, as your going to get no one to listen to you, but if you need to speak to a teacher be mature and show your being mindful and using your manners! Also watch your tone of voice, as this can make you come across a lot ruder if you don't watch your tone and language.

Finding an alternative - By this I mean instead of being aggressive, be assertive. However this also applies to you finding a compromise at times, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and just let the conversation, go because sometimes you need to agree to disagree otherwise some things will never get solved.

Once you start standing up for yourself in the correct ways, you will be more confident in your self as you can believe that you can do it! But you gain a lot more respect from people, especially if done in the right ways. I had this with a teacher I had to 'agree to disagree' so we spoke to him after the lesson while no one was around, as you need to find the most appropriate place to do this but now we have spoken to him we get on a lot better with him, as we took the mature approach and now we respect each other a lot more.

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