Friday, 18 March 2016

The truth about going to college

Hello everyone,

I can't remember if I have said this already but their is hardly any posts/vidoes out there dedicated to doing a B-tec level 3 at college, hence why I am doing a lot of pots based around going to college so this one is about the truths about going to college! If you aren't aware I am doing a B-tec level 3 diploma in business studies at my local college!

To being with going to college has been the best experience ever and it's been the best choice that I have made, if you want to know how my first week was then click here! I am glad that I decided to go out of my comfort zone and to go somewhere on my own with no friends doing my course, but it has made me grow as a person even though that sounds so cliche! 

Also my hours and days at college are just amazing and another bonus to going there, on a Monday I do 9-5.15, Tuesday 12.30-4.30 and on a Thursday 9-12.30. I am also so happy to say that I have gained an hour in bed from what I was having at secondary school and the hour extra makes such a big difference! 

I have always been that sort of person who has such an organised laptop and desktop, well since starting college I had a system but with the amount of downloading and exporting of documents I do, the folders have gone out the window and I have accumulated around 20 documents on my desktop! At my college everything we do is done online through the VLE, and I download templates for work, powerpoins, assignments briefs and then I have my work. All together this is a lot of organise so I am taking the 'messy' approach towards this organisation!

Lugging around my laptop has made the difference when taking notes and doing work, when I started the year I was writing all my notes in a book, but I end up writing so much in a lesson/day that it's too much, so the carrying my laptop around has made my notes more in depth, and just looking much nicer! It helps me because I can do my assignments as they are all in one please, otherwise I would have to export documents, put some on USB sticks and keep doing this back and forth. I would definitely recommend typing up your notes, they are much easier and can make it look good while managing to type everything up.

Overtime your assignments get stacked up and you have 5 different submission dates, so having a little notebook to section off the teachers, assignments and due dates it much easier to see at a glance. Then from having it written in front of me, allows me to focus on the assignments that is due in first, then tick them off as I go along. You feel as if you have achieved much more by being able to physically tick them off one by one.

Okay onto the main part... the assignments! I think college has the reputation of being the days route to university, and just generally  easy! Well they are totally wrong, college is just as stressful if not more, as we have multiple deadlines and multiple assignments going on all at once. But one thing I have always done and helps a lot in college, is to make a start on them as soon as you get them or as soon as possible, because that takes a little bit of pressure off your shoulders!

With my college I am practically in my local town, which has all the shops and restaurants  Since being at college I am eating out at least once or twice a week, but you become more social in this respect as you make the most of the early finishes and go out for trips to Nandos, or in the morning we sometimes go for brunch! It's so nice as it's different from school, but I wouldn't change at all!

I am coming to the end of my first year, so I will defiantly do a post about my first year at college experience and update you on everything!

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