Monday, 29 August 2016

A Letter To My Future Self

It only seems right to do a letter to my future self, considering I have done one for my younger self which you can read here. So the title says it all, this is my letter to my future self...

Dear future Shelby,

How are you doing?

I don't know how old you'll be when you're ready this, but I hope you're doing well and your happy which is the important thing. 

This is your 17-year-old self-talking to you, it's the 16th August 2016 when I am writing this. So what do I start in saying...

First of all, I hope your enjoying driving without having someone sitting in the passenger's seat telling you what to do. I hope your driving test wasn't too painful? I wonder if you're driving your mint blue Fiat 500 yet? that you have been lusting over for years now. I think you're going to be a good driver, but we all know you're constantly going to be driving to Westfield, the seaside and lots of other places with the girls ready to spend money that you don't have!

I hope that you had an easy university application process and that it wasn't too stressful or painful! I hope you're at one of your favourite universities, enjoying your course surrounded by lots of lovely people! I bet freshers was such a good time, out till early hours of the morning having fun and making memories. I hope to live and fending for yourself is going well? I am hoping that you haven't burnt down the kitchen yet because we all know you can make the best foods (not!). I hope your happy and that university is living up to your very high expectations because everyone knows how excited you were to go, and most importantly how excited you were to live away from home. I wonder what university you're at? I know that you had your heart set on Birmingham City and Bournemouth without even visiting the campus first! Saying that, though, who knows you could be finishing university and moving on to graduation which you had dreamt of for years and years. If you have then I am so proud of you, and massive congratulations! (I am giving you permission to treat yourself to a bottle of champagne ;)

Friends are so important and you've made some wonderful friends throughout the years, but the ones you have by your side as of writing this are keepers! I hope you're still in contact with them because they are some very special friends you've got. But I hope you have made a lot of new friends throughout the years, especially at university. 

I hope that you're still not single, but if you are who cares! As long as your having fun, and not entertaining some rubbish behaviour that you've encountered through your younger years with boys. If you are in a relationship, then I hope you're having fun, and that you are enjoying yourselves, making lots of memories and taking them cliche couple photos? I whether that's still a thing when you're reading this? It is said that a lot of people do find their soul mate while at university, so as they say "you know when you know" so I am trusting your instincts here and that you have learnt your lesson. I trust you!

I wonder whether you've got that anchor tattoo that you were planning at the age of 17? Or for that matter any tattoo! You had been wanting a tattoo for ages, so whether you have one by now I hope you are enjoying it and that is wasn't too painful.

So you had been through some tough times since you turned 16, especially regarding your nan. If she isn't still by your side, when you're reading this. Then I am truly sorry, but I hope you made the most of the time you had with her, you would do anything for your nana. And I know that she would be so proud of everything you had done and achieved, she thinks the world of you, she really does! You are such a strong person and the amount you had been through just makes you a lot stronger. Just remember that you can get through anything, keep your head held high and stay positive!

One of my goals for you is so hopefully open your own business, you are good at web design you made your own website recently which if I do say so myself was fab! I know your make such a wonderful business woman, I hope your still doing something related to blogging? You had started this years and years ago, your very first blog was in year 7 and you've had one ever since.

I hope you have visited and adventured out into the world, there are some beautiful places you've wanted to visit for years now! Also remember your dad told you that you have to go back to Barcelona when the La Sagrada Familia is finished, which I'm sure you won't argue with! I hope that word peace has been fixed and that it isn't as bad as it has been! I hope the world is still beautiful and places such as New York, Bora Bora and Thailand are still on your top places to visit. 

Touching on family again, I hope everyone is happy and healthy! Don't forget to contact your family and make sure that everyone is doing well, while you're enjoying your very busy life! Don't forget to always forgive and forget, and to apologise if you ever "fall out" with someone. Family is forever, and they are all so proud of you! I also wonder whether you have any new additions to the family, I hope you do! Having a new addition just recently has been amazing, so lets hope for many more.

I wonder what everything is going to be like in 5, 10, 15 years time! I wonder what you be doing? Who knows in 10 years time you could be married, which is a scary thought! I wonder where you're going to be? It's crazy to think that you're growing up so quickly and that you're going to be reading this letter in the future! What are you liking, are you still obsessed with the sweet things in life? I wonder whether you've acquired any designer pieces from your wish list yet? Are you still wearing the same brands of makeup, saying that I wonder how makeup has evolved over these years, as well as technology?

I wonder if you still remember your family pet, Charlie? You must do, I wonder if you have had a new dog since!

I wonder what films and TV programme your liking because you did love Minions, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Towie and all the ones! Also, your favourite films were Devil Wears Prada, The Proposal, The Last Song, and the Blind Side! I also would love to know what your music taste is like, will Coldplay still be a favourite in 10 years time?

Anyways I would be talking and telling you everything for hours sitting here writing this letter. But I hope you are happy which is my main hope for you, I hope your family is also happy and healthy. I hope you're enjoying the time you've got off still being young, free and single so they say! Remember that whatever happens your going to be fine, and if something goes wrong grab a cocktail and some sushi because they are your favourites!

Stay happy!

Shelby x 
(Tuesday 16th August 2016)

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