Monday, 29 August 2016

Life Update: Baking, College Bag & Favourites

As a bank holiday treat, I decided to make some cupcakes and cookies, which I wanted to share with you. I thought while I was here I would do an update post for you, talking about everything and anything! 

I am going, to be honest with you, I was feeling a tad lazy today, so I decided to make these cookies and cupcakes from the pre-made mix! The cupcakes are red velvet, and I got the mix from Asda, where the cookies are a bounty pre-made kit! But no word of a lie these both taste amazing!

For a pre-made mix where you just add water, butter and eggs these tasted amazing! I am also super proud of my icing skills here, I think they look beautiful if I do say so myself.

After a lot of looking and deliberation, I finally found my bag for college, I didn't have to buy a new bag as my one from H&M was and still is in perfect condition, but it's just another excuse ey! I decided on this form from Topshop, it was £42 but I got it from roughly £38 with my discount. This is the perfect size as it fits my Macbook Air 13", and a notebook which is wonderful! It also has a longer strap which is a necessity for college! I will do a what's in my college bag, once using this for a month or two!


TV -

I wanted to start off by mentioning all the TV programmes I have been hooked on lately, first of Celebrity Big Brother was a fave from me, however, I am slightly disappointed that Bear won! Then moving swiftly onto Great British Bake Off being back, this will always be one of my favourite programmes, the excitement of watching it every Wednesday is unreal! Also the Casualty 30 year celebration short film, but beyond intense! It was one of the best episodes I have seen of the programme, and I can't wait to find out what happens next, also Holby City tomorrow also looks interesting. 

Speaking of TV the Olympics was amazing this year, I remember at London 2012 I kept saying when Rio 2016 is on I will be 18 that year. And to me, that is crazy to believe that in 4 months I will be 18... Anyways, a tad off topic but I really enjoyed really getting into the games, despite the time differences. The cycling especially was my favourite, especially the finals! After watching it I can honestly say that the Team GB cycling team, are a true inspiration, especially Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, true relationship goals they are, after all, they are the Golden Couple!


Guess who is back to college in a week? That's right, I am!!! I am so excited to get back to college and to be back in a routine! I have such high hopes for the year, and I am so ready to get back in the coursework phase, I won't be saying that when I am bombarded with assignments left, right and centre. 

Food - 

I have two food favourites that I have been slightly obsessed with at the moment, the first one if the Nestle Smarties split pot yoghurts! They are just beautiful, if you love smarties you will love these, put it this was thanks to these I am now a breakfast eater! Then the last favourite food at the moment is Solero ice lollies, they have been a staple since the weather is getting very hot at the moment.

Music -

Someone who needs me - Bob Sinclar
Once dance - Alex Aiono 
Cold water - Major Lazer & Justin Bieber 
Let me love you - DJ Snake & Justin Bieber 
Golden light - Madden & 6AM
Glamorous - Fergie & Ludacris (still remember every word!)
Buffalo soldier, Jamming, Three little birds - Bob Marley 


Finally, I have my acrylics back after years and years! I have been pinning so many nails photos on Pinterest, but the photo on the right is the inspiration to my nails on the right! I am no entirely sure on the colour but it's from OPI, then I got 3 gems on my ring fingers that look adorable. I am now addicted to acrylics again, so stay tuned for more nail posts!

Shelby x 

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