Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Workout Wednesday// A Healthy Dinner

Hello everyone,

I saw advertised these amazing things on a advert and just had to try them. They are the Maggi So Tender. What these are is a pack of 4 baking sheets that are Pre seasoned with herbs. 

Maggi So tender// Click here 

Doesn't look very professional but...

All you have to do it get some chicken, I used mini chick slices but they reccomend chicken breasts. Then press them onto a sheet of the paper provided, press them down. Then you have to put a pan onto heat with no oil, then cook each side for 10-12 minutes.

It's so quick and easy! you can serve them with everything and anything. They only have four different flavors at the moment, Paprika Chicken, Garlic Chicken and Italian herbs chicken. I used the Italian Herbs Chicken seasoning and the chick was so tender and cooked to perfection.

I served mine with a Mediterranean vegetable mix, this is such a healthy dish and it's so quick and easy. Also these would taste great served with new potatoes, potato wedges and much more. Also you don't need no oil this is great and means there is hardly any fat. 

These are only 99p at Tesco// Click here

Have you tried these? I highly reccomend

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