Thursday, 10 April 2014

Let's Talk// Makeup Counters

Hello everyone,

When I first was going to buy a high end makeup item, I remember the experience very clearly. I was very nervous and I thought I would give you some advice on makeup counters. Because department makeup is so much different than going to Boots or Superdrug. I have around 5 tips in total, and I hope this is useful to you.

Do your research//

When going to a makeup counter, they have much more than Revlon for example, they have different finished, colours, types and more. You will need to familiarize yourself with these finished. They might also ask you what your under tone, skin type or which colours and finishes you don't like. You need to make sure you know these because your make your life and theirs much easier.

Be confident//

You don't want to come across really shy and nervous because that's where they take advantage of you, then they start asking do you want to try this? Just be confident!

Be honest//

If someone was to come up to you asking would you like to try this, it would go great with that lipstick your buying? Just be honest and confident, for example just say "Oh no thank you, I would just like this please. Maybe another day". Just say your not buying it but sound as if your going to come back another day/

Start browsing//

If it's a small counter like Benefit or Nars, they are normally not all spaced out, and they can see you. Just start browsing and swatch a few things and hopefully they will see you and ask can I help you. If they don't just ask, your giving them money.

Don't be rude//

If your scared of them being rude to you, then don't be rude to you. Otherwise they aren't going to want to help you. Just be nice your both humans, they are their to help.

I hope this helped! Have you got any makeup counter experiences or tips? Comment below

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