Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let's Talk// MacBooks, Small Haul & Random

Hello everyone,

I have no purpose for this post, I just really want to write something so I thought I would just talk to you! This is really why I want my youtube channel back for this purpose. But I hope I don't bore you too much!

Small Tesco haul:

I went to Tesco today and I picked up these few things. I am going to holiday soon as I keep mentioning and I really want to try out more drugstore BB Creams other than my Maybelline one, I thought I would give this ago. It's the Rimmel BB Cream Skin Perfecting Super Makeup, this has SPF 25 and I got the shade 'Very light'. I also fell in love with this notebook from Tesco, it has loads of type writers on it and what I love the most is the pages inside they look so vintage and perfect. The BB cream was £6.99 I think and the book was £4.50.


My very favouirte subject to talk about other than makeup and fashion and that is Macbooks. If you don't know I am saving up for one but I am also asking for money for my birthday (24th December) and for Christmas, I am hoping to get the Macbook Air 13.3" in 208 days (Boxing day). I have fallen in love with them! I am planning in my head what case I should get, I am going to get a Speck/ Speck equivalent to the Hard Shell case, but I am deciding weather to get the Michael Kors 13" Saffiano Sleeve for Macbook Air, but reviews say it's not that padded and I agree, this is £99.95. Or I was thinking about the Michael Kors Pocket Sleeve for Macbook Air 13" this is £69.95. I am basically asking for your help (Pictures on the side). If your wondering why I am doing this so far ahead and the answer is I need to make sure I leave enough time to get the money and have everything planned out with the price. So what do you think? Please comment below with what Michael Kors case your prefer and would be better!

The Random:

For the random I will start off with the most random, I need to mention to you a game. This is Pool nothing special but I am addicted, I would like to class myself as a pro! They are free one is called 'Pool' and the other one is '8 Ball Pool' if you put this into the app store you should find it! Also for the 8 ball pool by Miniclip if you search for a friend and put in 'Shelby Anna May O'Brien' you will be able to play with me! 

Also I just want to thank you! This is for nothing big apart from saying a massive thank you for being there reading me ramble on about something interesting; I hope anyways. But to everyone who reads my blog thank you from the bottom of my heart you mean the world to me. And for people to read my blog that I spend so much time and effort on it means so much, I can't put it in words!

A few quotes:

You much know by now how much I love my quotes, I hope these are good or they interest you! And some aren't really quotes I love like the look and words of them.


So what do you think? 

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