Sunday, 1 June 2014

Uploading Schedule

Hello everyone,

I have decided what my uploading schedule is for my blog posts. I wanted a schedule because I think consistency is very important for example some weeks I am ding about two blog posts a day them other days or weeks I am doing one every week. Another reason for having a schedule is because I want you to be able to come back on these days knowing I have a new blog post up.

My days I am going to be uploading are:

Monday - Anything
Wednesday - Workout Wednesday
Friday - Something beauty related

I wasn't going to put a specific theme on these days but I have a base line I may not stick to the anything on Monday and beauty on Friday (I'm not sure yet). But on Monday expect to see anything like Let's Talk, Tag, Haul, Wishlist, Fashion or Lifestyle related. On Wednesday you will see my Workout Wednesday and for anyone wondering I will have a at home routine coming very soon hopefully not next week the week after, if not it will be sometime this month. Then on the Friday I will have something beauty related this could be anything to do with beauty like makeup, skin care etc. Also you may have realised that the weekend is free, I am not promising anything but I may decide to upload on the weekend aswell but as I said this is 100% true, I will try my best but I am not promising anything.

I hope this is a good schedule for you. Also any post requests leave down below!

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