Monday, 21 July 2014

Tag// Summer Lovin'

Hello everyone,

Today I have a Summer tag for you, I have been wanting to do this for quite a while now, and here we are. This are some fun questions all about what I am loving for Summer.

Question One - Summer Lipstick you're loving? - I have picked two, my first one is the MUA Power Pout in the colour Justify, this is a coral/ muted down orange. Then I have the NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in the colour 02 Candy Land, this is a bright ish mauve pink, you can build this up or tone it down.

Question Two - Summer nail polish you're loving? - I have been loving the Essie Nail Polish in Muchi Muchi, this is a ballet pink nude. Great for showing off a tan, this also goes with everything aswell.

Question Three - Bikini you're loving this Summer? - I have two, but my first one is a jungle pastel printed bikini from Next. And my second one is this Lipsy crochet bikini. (I have the bottoms just didn't show).

Question Four - Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks? - I have to pick the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. And if your wondering my favourite non Starbucks drink is the Costa Original iced lemonade.

Question Five - Favourite Fake Tan? - Lately I have been loving fake tan, the one I am drifting towards the most is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer instant fake tan in Light Matte. This is natural but still gives you a glow/tan.

Question Six - Favourite Summer Song? - Just picking one is very hard, but I choose the song Jubel by Klingande. This is a very uplifting and summery. 

Question Seven - Favourite Summer accessory? - When I think of Summer I think of flowers, this is why I am loving Floral headbands/crowns, this one is from New Look.

Question Eight - Favourite Summer perfume/fragrance? - I brought this perfume just for my holiday and it's the Juicy Couture Miami Perfume. This is just Summer in a bottle.

Question Nine - Summer Book your loving? - I am not too sure about my summer book I am currently loving apart from The Fault In Our Stars, but I want to buy a summer book for my Kindle, but something that is a easy read.

Question Ten - What are you most excited to do this Summer? - Umm, this is so hard... Not! I am going to Turkey 2 weeks today and I am so excited to go to an Airport and to get onto a Plane.

This was so fun to do, I tag everyone to do this. If you have any good Summer reads comment below with any recommendations!


  1. Once again I LOVE the photography for this post and I reeeally want to this this tag now!

    1. Aww thank you, I love that you love my photography because that really makes a post the best! You should it was really good! xx