Friday, 18 July 2014

What's In My Bag.

Hello everyone,

I have a new blog post for you today, this isn't beauty but I am going to be showing you what is in my Ted Baker Suno bag. I have done one of these in the past but I wanted to do another one but with this bag.

I love my H&M bag but sometimes it's just too big, but this is a good sized bag for everything you need no more or no less. I would reccomend this bag if you do have a spare £109, I love the design and size.

- Ted Baker Kassady Purse 
- The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Hand cream
- Carmex Berry tinted lip balm
- Palmers Coco Butter lip balm
- Burt's Bees lip balm
- Sure Deodrent
- Beats headphones
- Hairband
- Juicy Cauture Viva La Juicy roll on
- Black and Blue Pen
- Pencil
- Cherry Airwaves chewing gum
- Balmi lip balm

That was everything! Comment down below with your top 5 handbag essentials.


  1. I love the picture for this post <3

    1. Thank you! After you saying that I really like it myself actually. Hahah xx