Thursday, 21 August 2014

GCSE Results Day - Year 10

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do some sort of vlog type post today, so a vlog but we writing everything. I thought of this because today I am collecting my GCSE Results from year 10. This would be great for me to look back one etc.

Getting my stitches out//

This morning at half 7, I had a doctors appointment to get my stitches taken out. I am so glad my doctors isn't too far away because getting up at that early on my summer holidays doesn't fit well together. So I had them taken out and it was a very weird sensation, like them you get scissors too close to your fingers, but cutting something at the same time. And then she said their was about three stitches? but when I was having them done I had four, the doctor said that one could have fallen out, which this has made me really freaked out! Anyways it is really red now and a bit tender, but I am so glad that they have been taken out, after a few days I am meant to be using Bio Oil to make sure their is no scar or a very faint scar.

How I am feeling about my results?//

To be honest quite nervous I am not going to lie. But I am feeling very confident about my business result I should be getting an A which is the second highest you can get. Not about Spanish, I am very scared/nervous because I didn't enjoy doing it and I think that is going to show in the result, I am not getting above a C. This means I have my fingers crossed for a D. But I will be dissapointed with anything less than a D, but to be honest I am not going to study Spanish further or take it further. I want to study Business much further.

I am picking my results up at 12, about 2 hours and a half from now, it's half 9.

Also if you are wondering in the UK this is the exam grades because I know they are very different from in the US:

U - Ungraded, the worst grade you can get.

Ok, their is only one hour and a half to go, and I am pooing myself! All of a sudden I have got really nervous. My teacher and I have added up all the number for business and it all equals an A, but their is something inside me that keep saying it's too go to be true. I have worked so hard for an A and today is the day. I know that even a B and C is amazing but I have been predicted an A and I have done all the work for an A, basically long strong short I am really nervous now!

Just a small update I am being picked up in 20 minutes (11:30) and I am feeling quite relaxed, I have just finished getting ready makeup, hair etc. This has relaxed me much more and all I can say whatever the outcome is I have tried my best.

The results//

I'm going now to get my results...

I'm back! Yayy. I am really happy and kinda annoyed, in Business I got an A but in Spanish I got an E. I am so happy with business because I have worked so hard for this level, but in spanish I was expecting at least a D. But Business is where I wan't to end up later in life so that is the main thing. And let's be honest I do not want to do a job in Spanish or even to do it for A level.

After getting my results we went to see my auntie to pop in and say hi. Then my dad and I were going to go to Mcdonalds, but the first one had no car parking space, then the second one have no fries? This is why we ended up in The Harvester.

Honestly, again talking about Spanish. But as long as I have made my family proud that is the main thing. Also I am really happy that I got the really good mark on the subject I want to do for a-level and so on. My last point is that for Spanish to even be able to hold a good conversation and to be able to know the basics is just enough for me and I am really proud for even getting a level in a hard subject. 

I am so happy and I hope you are aswell with your results, a-level or gcse. Well Done, and if your going to University congratulations.

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