Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Let's Travel// Turkey Haul

Hello everyone,

I am quite excited to share with you this post, and this is everything I brought whist I was in Turkey last week. I just want to mention Turkey does sell a lot of fakes so bare that in mind. I have uploaded this post yesterday but it has deleted it's self, so I am having to do this again.

This is one thing I didn't get in Turkey, but I thought i'd include it. This is the Sleek Matte Me lip cream in Petal. Then the only makeup thing I got in Turkey is the Golden Rose Luxury Rich Color Lip Gloss, I am not 100% sure what the colour is but I will mention it in a blog post soon for you to find out.

The only clothing items I got are these, a Navy Jack Wills Tracksuit, with the Pink writing. I won't wear these together only seperatly because I don't like wearing matching items like tracksuits. Then I got this Celine Paris black round neck t-shirts.

 I do love some bracelets when I go to Turkey, these are the pull tie ones and I went for the colour theme of pink and white. I also got these all black converses, low tops and I love them.

More bracelets, I got these stunning rock/stone ones. I love both of them for an anklet aswell, If you didn't know I love Pink Quartz stones (the left picture, the pink one). I got these other ones aswell, the purple and blue are ties, aswell as the names ones with Shelby and Beans on (Beans for beany bear my dog, then this red and gold Hamsa Hand. 

I got Ugg Slippers, they are so comfy and just amazing. I got the beige slip ones. Last year for Christmas I got a Beats Pill, I also got a stand while I was in Turkey because I wasn't willing to pay around £40 for just a stand, I got the pink aswell.

I was going to get a pair of Toms before I went on holiday, but they are more of a seasonal clothing item. This is why I got two pairs in Turkey, a Navy and White striped pair and a all white pair.

You may have seen these Chanel iphone cases on Instagarm, and I found some in Turkey. I got the clear and gold one with the white chain strap. Also more bracelets these are really cute and pretty.

I found the bags I wanted, I got the Michael Kors Selma large and the small one with the matching purse. And the Celine Luggage tote, and they are all in black (shocker)!

I love Russian Dolls and I finally got some. I got the medium red and blue one and a small pink one. I love the detail and how cute the are, and aren't the eyelashes just perfect!

What have you brought recently from either a holiday or in general? Comment below

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