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Let's Talk// Going through year 10

Hello everyone,

I have been watching a lot of videos about going into year 11 and what to expect. But I haven't seen hardly anything about year 10. I have just finished year 10, so I thought I could give you my personal experience and advice. Also I want to apologise for not doing many beauty or fashion posts and they are all lifestyle, but more beauty and fashion will come soon, I promise!

I have to admit I think I was able to deal with year 10 quite/really well. But saying that because I done GCSE Spanish I feel like that was my deficiency stage. I hated the lesson and I didn't like my teacher, and if you put two and two together you get a really unmotivated student out of it. I regret not making the most of it, and because it wasn't the easiest subject I kind of blocked out some help from the teacher which wasn't the best thing to do.

I also found year 10 quite stressful because we have never been prepared for GCSE's or real exams. But some people in a few classes of mine didn't care about the options or the exams, they didn't revise or they didn't make the most of the lessons or the help given. In my opinion this is the worst thing to do at such a crucial and stressful time. This is where my first tip comes in and that is to take as much help as you can get, from teachers, parents, friends anyone. 

My experience of year 10 was a good and ad, it was good for a social and friends side of things, but bad regarding a teacher and lesson. Let's start with the bad, you may know if I mentioned it that I had a science teacher who I hated and didn't get on with, I tried moving classes, then he left, this left us with supply teacher who can't control the class and who never know what to teach us, I was still trying to move, then I finally moved a month before the year ended, but now what teacher has left! (that was everything in a nut shell!). Onto the good side, by the social aspect of things, I feel like I have found everyone who I either get on with or don't and because some/all of us have grown up we know that all the bitching isn't really important or needed. I also feel like I just got on with more people than previous years.

I also ended up finding one of the things that I am honestly meant to pursue in my life, and that is Business. I am getting my results for Spanish and Business on Thursday for your information. And for Business I am predicted an A, this is such good news for me because I finally feel like I have found something I a good at. I was working really hard in the lessons, doing all my work and I was usually ahead of more people. I understood and enjoyed the work a lot and this is why I want to carry it on through to A level and maybe even higher.

Now onto some more tips, My second one is, you need to try to stay really organised. If that means you writing everything down 50 times so you don't forget it, then do that. There is a lot of little things you need to remember, for example we used to do Maths Assessments regularly and I found just staying organised with them and other assessments is really important. Also another really important thing is being able to talk to all your teachers, when you need them. I found I was talking to my teacher what felt like 10 minutes extra ever few days. Ask them any question big or small, it's better to be 100% sure rather then 85% sure.

I have also mentioned before about revision guides, but that are really useful I think I nearly have at least one revision guide for every one of my lessons. They aren't that expensive on Amazon but highly reccomend them a lot, they help so much!

Year 10 was very stressful but it's one of the years that your going to be able to enjoy lessons without begin as stressful as I think year 11 is going to be. 

In a nut shell -

- Take as much help as you can get.
- Don't mess around.
- Do the work your given.
- Don't be rude to teachers they are there to help.
- Make the most of a bad situation.
- Buy revision guides... A lot of them.
- Stay organised.
- Actualy revise for little assesments.
- Take a lot of notes, also if you have to not go out one night and revise then do that/ It will help a lot, trust me.
- Make the most of it and have fun

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What's your advice for year 10 or another school year? Comment below

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