Sunday, 19 October 2014

Birthday and Christas Wish list

Hello everyone,

Christmas is 66 days away and 6 days till my birthday! I thought I would share with you what I would love Santa to bring me this year. This is a wish list I am not saying I am getting everything or any of it. 

Birthday and Christas Wish list

The biggest thing on my list is a Macbook Air 13.3", I need a new laptop. The reason why I have put money next to it, is because I am asking for money off family etc, so I can 'save' up for one. But next I am hoping for the Pandora Princess Tiara ring to match the 'My Princess' charm, this is stunning I tried it on yesterday and it looks stunning on your middle finger! I have a quite a lot of mac lip products on my wish list, this consists of Whirl Lip Pencil and Faux Lip Stick, this is Kylie Jenner's go to lip combination at the moment, and it looks stunning. Then the other two lip products I would like is the Spice Lip Pencil and Plumful Lip Stick. Moving swiftly onto clothes I have been lusting over the Topshop Black Joni Jeans for the longest time, these would look perfect with these Boohoo Chunky Chelsea Boots. Last but no least I have been wanting the Benefit Lip/Cheek stains and the tinted lip balms for so long, they look amazing and this gift set is perfect, it's called the Sweet Tintations.

I would love to know what your asking for Christmas! Comment below.

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