Sunday, 16 November 2014

What beauty means to me...

Hello everyone,

What does beauty mean to me?

To me beauty isn't what you may put on your face every day, it isn't about the makeup or the skin care and even how your hair is looking that day, if you have curled it or brushed it that is besides the point. Beauty is how you think of your self from the inside, not worrying about how you look or how other people think you look, it's about your inside beauty mainly your personality, obviously makeup can make you feel better but under neath all the layers, your hiding your own story and what your real beauty is.

All I am saying is that wearing makeup is fine, I do when I go to school and on the weekend sometimes. But try and let your natural beauty shine through. And remember it's not just about your hair and clothes its about your inside beauty, your personality and how you are to everyone you meet. 

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