Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blogging for beginners - Tips and Advice

Hello everyone,

I know it's an extra blog post on a Blogmas date, I have already uploaded my Blogmas post but I wanted to do an extra post for you. This one is about my blogging advice and tips mainly for beginners and how to start your own blog as a beginner. 

I have made a powerpoint for you, that you can open as a PDF, but in this power point I am going to mention:

- The basics to create a blog
- Other features you can add and design features
- Organisation
- Equipment
- My blogging tips
- Links etc.
- My favourite beauty blogs

The link to view the powerpoint is here

Here is a sneak preview, you have to click the link above to see the whole powerpoint.

I hope you all go and look at my powerpoint I made to see some tips and advice on blogging! Comment below your thoughts and opinions!

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