Sunday, 21 December 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour ~ London

Hello everyone,

I went to the Harry Potter Studios today, I have to admit I am not a big Harry Potter fan but it was good, also we got our tickets for free but I have to admit that I wouldn't pay to go. If you were wondering what it's like I hope my pictures are interesting.

Also we went to the tour in London, we also had the chance to see Hogwarts in the snow. (Link)

When you pick your tickets up, you can ask for a passport and in this you can tick and find certain things around the place, great for the younger years.

As soon as you walk in we were faced with a massive Christmas tree, then you have to line up to get start the tour. You first find out about Harry Potter over the world and how people reacted to it across loads of countries. After that you watch a little short clip about the studio and the set.

After you watch the movie, your faced with the huge double gold doors that leads you onto the hall, it was massive, it looked very realistic with all the food, and the lite Christmas Pudding. 

This is in the next part, you go through the arches that leads onto some random things, this is the Yule Ball Ice Sculpture, this looks amazing in person and the photo looks very good I have to say.

Being a beauty and makeup lover, this was my favouirte part which was the Makeup section. I don't know if you can tell but I could spot some well known brands like Simple, Mac, Laura Mercier and Dermalogica. 

In this same section, is props and the sets, this is Ron's bed.

These are all the different wands used in the films and all the characters.

This room was where all the spells and potions are kept, it was really big.

The entrance to Dumbledore's office.

One of Hermione, Harry and Ron's outfit.

Dumbledore's office

The fire they use throughout the films is fake, and your able to put your hand through it without getting burnt.

Throughout the films they had a total of 4 different types of snow.

The animal actors in the films.

The Snake Door, from Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets.

Hadgrid's house

The Weasley Family house

The Guidditch props and outfits.

The Gringotts Bank Cart ~ My favouirte scene

The Marble Staircase

The Magic is Might Monument

Dolores' Office

Then you move on outside and it was very cold, this is the Hogwarts Bridge that you can go on and walk through.

This is Privet Drive, which is well known for the house that Harry Potter used to live at before he went to Hogwarts.

This is Harry's Cottage

This is the Knight Bus, that transported stranded wizards and witches.

This is Butter Beer, going to put it out their; it's horrible. But it's either a love/hate thing.

After you have finished outside, where you can buy food, drinks and he famous Butter Beer. You move onto the final part of the tour.

This is Buckbeak.

This is the Diagon Alley, this is where Harry first came when he knew he was a Wizards, to buy all his things and especially his owl.

Once you carry on moving forward, you reach the next part which shows you all the drawings and sketches for the films. They are in so much detail and where loads of them.

As you carry on, then reached a walk way which had loads of paintings and drawings of Characters from the Harry Potter films. This is a oil paining of Dobby.

Then you have reached Hogwarts, this is the whole of Hogwarts and looks very good with the 'snow'. It is so detailed and looks great.

Also what was really good about this part, was they had screens and you could see a tour of each section of Hogwarts, but also see it in the movies.

This is only one wall of the wands in Ollivander's Wand Shop. And this is the end, after this you went into the Gift shop, it was very big but expensive!

I hope you enjoyed this, sorry it has been uploaded a bit late! Comment below what you thought of the Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

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