Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Gathering & Mocktails

Hello everyone,

Today it was my gathering for my 16th Birthday. I decided to have a theme to it which was 'cocktail themed', I didn't take any picture of the actual party or the decoration, but I had loads of fairy lights, rose petals etc. It was very cute, but I am going to show you some of the mocktails my friend and I made. 

This glass is one that my Dad and Step Mum brought me as an early birthday present, and it's a personalised Martini glass saying 'Shelby Happy Birthday 24.12.14' I love it so much, it so cute and has my name written all over it! Also in the background you can see some of the things that I have used are some birthday confetti and some fake rose petals, both from Poundland.

Also if your wanting some party ideas or some cups, glasses etc. Then poundland is where to go, they have some great glasses and they are great for the money.

These are the Mocktails we made, the fish bowls are from Poundland as well as the punch bowl then the jug is from Asda.

The first drink is a Ice Fruit Punch, for this you need 6 cups of assorted fruit juices, 3 cups of ginger beer and 3 cups of sparkling water. You need to simply mix all of these together, add crushed ice and we added strawberries for some decoration, as well as ice we added some plastic ice cubes from Primark for it to look Christmas orientated.

The second drink is a Strawberry Lemonade, for this you need ti add 2 cups of strawberries we cut them in half, then add as much Lemonade as you need. To add some more colour/taste we added some Raspberry and Apple juice.

The next drink is a Cool Passion, for this you need 500ml of orange juice and we used tropical juice. Then I used some pineapple juice and then topped it up with Lemonade and added crushed ice.

The next one is called a Nursery Fizz, and this consists of Crushed Ice, Orange Juice and Ginger Beer. 

The last one is a mixture of everything, we wanted to use up the rest of the juices and this was the best way to do it.

If you want to try these they are great, and very easy to make. 

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