Monday, 22 December 2014

London & Christmas Wrapping

Hello everyone,

Today I went to London, and Covent Garden to be specific and I love it their, it's so light up and festive, but when I go home I also done some Christmas Wrapping and thought I would show you my wrapping skills.

London -

The Covent Garden Christmas Tree is so nice, it's massive but looks great. The lights are so cute and really lights up more when it is dark.

This is like in the center of Covent Garden, near the market. These looks stunning, they are look great and really makes the space look bigger.

Again some amazing Christmas Decorations, these are just massive candy canes but look great in this section of Covent Garden.

We done a bit of shopping but the rest is some of my Birthday and Christmas presents, I had to go into Ladure simply because I love Macarons, and they are amazing. We brought this set which is 8 for £14! Yes they are very expensive but so worth it, my favouirte so far in the Vanilla one.

I would reccomend Covent Garden partly because of all the high end shops but the decorations at Christmas time was beautiful.

Christmas Wrapping -

I love wrapping small present because you can make they look quite cute, this one is a box of Yankee Candle Tea light candles, the wrapping paper is from Next, then I done a cluster of ribbon, and kept curling it.

This present is a set of Dove that we get my Nan every year, I used this tartan paper from Next with a matching label. Then for the ribbon I curled it again but done curls that were loose. 

Lastly my favourtite type of present to wrap, is something in a box! Boxes make presents look so much nicer but easier to wrap. This paper is again from next with the ribbon and label. I love this paper that looks like Parchment paper, with some red and white twine/ribbon; very cute and vintage.

What do you think of London at Christmas time? And how do you like to wrap presents? 

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