Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Lush Haul

Hello everyone,

It is my Birthday tomorrow, and I went shopping with my Mum and Nan today for a few things, I got treated a bit to some pre-birthday goodies from Lush, and thought I would share with you what I got.

This is a massage bar called Snow Fairy Sparkle, this has the same scent as the Snow fairy shower gel and the Lush Magic wand bubble bar. This is very creamy and moisturising as well as very festive sparkle running through massage bar. 

This is a bubble bar called The Wizard, this is a very pretty looking bubble bar with hints of shimmer going through it. It smells like the over powering but wonderful scent you get hit with when walking into a Lush shop, it claims to cast a jingle spell over weariness with this shimmering bubble bar that makes bath time magic.

This is a Lush bath bomb called Northern Lights, this is one of my favouirtes and a re purchase. This sparkling, colourful bomb turns your water into a night time spectacle, claims Lush. This makes your bath look and spell amazing, it's a different one from lush regarding the shape etc.

Another bubble bar which isn't Christmas orientated at all? Anyways this is the Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar, this is very creamy which makes me very happy because I can imagine it being very soft for the skin. This is very cute and sparkly.

This is one of my favouirte bath bombs that I haven't had yet this year! This is called So White, and is very understated because it looks nothing special, but this leaves your skin feeling wonderful, but the inside is even more special, also this smells like a high end spa.

Lastly, this is Drummers Drumming bubble bar, I love the concept of these want type bubble bars, because you get a lot for your money. But I wasn't a fan of the Magic Wand, this smells much nicer and less sweet.

Have you brought anything from Lush lately? Comment below

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