Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Winter Tag & A Winter Bath

Hello everyone,

I have Blogmas day 5 for you! This is going to be The Winter Tag and I am going to show you my favouirte winter bath. I am sorry it's another tag but from here on wards I am going to have more exciting posts.

The Winter Tag - 

- Top two winter beauty essentials?

My first one is the Palmers Coco Butter, this is my favourite for every season, the sun tot he freezing cold; this is great for chapped hands or even dry parts on your face and body. Then my second one is the Palmers Coco Butter Original Lip balm. Palmers is my favouirte thing every, and the lip balm is very moisturising and hydrating

- Top two winter fashion essentials?

This was very easy, to start off with my Primark/Lipsy coat, this is very warm and looks very put together and lovely with every outfit. Then my black heeled Chelsea boots.

- What shoes do you tend to wear during the winter?

Umm.. This has to be Chelsea boots, especially black boots.

- Favourite winter accessory?

My favourite winter accessory is my Ted Baker bag, this is the perfect size without being too big. It looks great with my coats and shoes.

- Favourite winter nail polish?

I don't wear nail polish, but I love berry reds.

- Hot chocolate or Apple cider?

Hot chocolate by far!

- Favourite winter candle?

Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle

- Snowboarding or skiing?

I have never done either of them, I would love to try them.

- Have you ever gone ice skating? How did you get on?

I have never done ice skating either, but in my local shopping center we have a ice rink, so i'll have to give it a go.

- Does it snow where you live?

It has done, now and then. But it's never 100% for sure, it didn't even snow last year. But when it does its in the early new year.

- Have you ever made a snowman?

I have attempted to, but it's never going to look like the perfect ones you seen on Google/adverts.

- What holiday do you celebrate?

I celebrate all of them, just not in a religious way.

- Favourite Christmas song?

WOW... their are too many. But I love The Pouges, Fairy tale of New York.

- Favourite Christmas film?

I like Elf, but I love The Snowman!

- What is your favouirte winter treat?

Cookies, I am going to talk about them in my Christmas Baking post coming soon.

- If you were to ask "Santa" for one gift, and you were guaranteed to get it, what would you ask for?

Well, being able to get good grades to get into University. Or a Newfoundland, because I miss Charlie too much and would love a puppy.

- Do you have anything fun planned this winter?

Well, my birthday gathering, my birthday, Christmas, Boxing day and New years seeing the London fireworks.

My Winter bath -

Last night I used this Lush bath bomb, called Golden Wonder. It looks so cute but ends up turning you bath blue, which isn't very Christmas orientated. (Link, this costs £3.75)

When I was in the bath last night, I used the Lush Snow Fairy Show gel, this is very sweet, but I love it. Also the colour is very nice and it smells like a sweet Christmas treat. (Link, this costs £3.75 for 100g)

I tag everyone to do this, and to tell me what your winter bath consist of?

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