Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone,

I have the last gift guide post, and this one is the stocking fillers gift guide. I am going to show you 5 for her and five for him and a few for both plus some more. These stocking fillers are going to be under £20.

For her -

Expensive eye lash curlers are something that some women don't buy them selves. These ones are from Mac, and they look very lovely. These are only £16.(Link)

I am not a big fan on Vaseline as a lip balm, but these Jack Wills ones are amazing. I have one already, but these 3 are a set from Boots, and they only cost £8. (Link)

If you know someone who loves the cute house type gifts, then this is one you might need to get for them!This is a slate heart chalk board from Boots. This is only £8 and it look so cute, you could write reminders of quotes to make them smile on it.(Link)

I am a massive fan of Yankee Candle, but giving someone a candle for Christmas in their stocking is such a cute idea. This one is the Large Jar Candle in Christmas Eve, this is my favourite and smells great, a good one for anyone. But this is also only £19.99, they last forever as well. (Link)

I like going into John Lewis and looking at all the home things, and the glass wear catches my eye every time! I love these shot glasses, perfect for people old enough to drink, they are a set of 6 rainbow shot glasses. These are only £18 from John Lewis. (Link)

For Him - 

If you know a man in your life that travels or that even likes to stay organised, this is a lovely stocking filler for them! The Body Shop have this lovely retro wash bag, it looks modern but big enough. This is only £10 from The Body Shop, you could fill it with some things for a bigger present. (Link)

I love ice tray's but ones in shapes, characters etc. But this is s great idea if you know someone who played space invaders or a lover of the game. This is a brilliant stocking filler, this is only £5.99 from a online website. (Link)

Do you know a fitness freak? This is the perfect gift for them, this is a dumbbell alarm clock,, you can set this as a normal alarm clock, then shake it to turn it off. Or you can set it that when it goes off you have to do 30 reps of a 660g dumbbell. This looks amazing on a bed side table, and is only £11.99. (Link)

Something a steak lover would never buy themselves is a steak branding iron! This would be a very good peresent for a steak fanatic, you can have it with their name on or anything for that matter. This is only £8.25 from Amazon. (Link)

This is a very cool stocking filler gift, if you know someone who has a desk or likes to keep organised/needs organising. Then this is the perfect gift, this is a Tetris Desk Tidy, a different present but very good looking. This is £20.50 from Amazon, I went 50p over that isn't too much though. (Link)

Random -

I am in love with this shop called Blott! They are a unique stationary shop, they have multiple collection and my faovuirte is the Citations range, this is their pencil case which feels like paper! This is only £5 from Blott. (Link)

One thing I love getting in my stocking is Lush! It is by far one of my favouirte places ever. They do so many products great for all ages, but very inexpensive if your on a budget. They Christmas things are amazing are start at £1.95 minimum all the way up to £100 for some gift sets. (Link)

Well that is the last of my gift guides for 2014! More blogmas posts to come, I hope your enjoying them as much as I am writing them.

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