Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - For Him

Hello everyone,

This is my second Christmas gift guide, and this one is for him! This is some things you could buy the man in your life, I have a range of gifts and for different price ranges.

Under £50

Jack Wills are doing some great gift sets for both men and women this year at Boots. I love this set for men, it is a great gift and includes everything you need from a flannel to soap on a rope. This is £25 at Boots. (Link)

Out of everything, I feel men don't tend to buy them selves fragrance. This is a great gift set from Giorgio Armani, and includes four mini bottles of well known fragrance. This retails for £24.99 from Boots, a bargain in my eyes. (Link)

Accessories, Fashion and more -

If you have a man in your life who wears a suite often, then why not a fancy pair of cufflinks. These are from Mulberry and they are mother of pearl. These are from John Lewis, and are £108. They look very nice and fancy, and nothing too in your face. (Link)

Not every man has a bag, I think this is a classic messenger bag from John Lewis. It look big enough for anything, book, laptop, Ipad and more. This is only £40. (Link)

You can never go wrong with a pair of pyjama bottoms, but also a set with a long sleeve top. This is a brilliant set. And for only £39.50, this is a Jack Wills set and is such a great price, also the bottoms looks very much like a Christmas set. (Link)

Technology -

I have an Ipad Mini and it's one of the best things I own. My dad has recently brought the Ipad Mini 3 (shown above), and it's very good! It looks very manly as well great for women. It is very portable and you can take it every where with you. (Link)

If you know a man who is very sporty, this is the Nike Fuel Band. The sport bands have had a lot of hype, and this connects to your phone and you can track a lot of your sporting activities. This costs £89 from Nike. (Link)

Well that is another one done and dusted. Now their is one more left which is the stocking fillers. I hope your like Blogmas so far.

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