Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Favourite Christmas Ornaments

Hello everyone,

This is blogmas day 6! If your wondering where my room decoration for Christmas post it, it's coming this weekend! But I have a post for you showing my favouirte Christmas Ornaments for our tree.

Let's start -

This tree decoration is probably my favouirte one for 2014. This is one that my Nan got personalised for me, she found it in a stall in our shopping center. This one is very special to me because she got one with my dog Charlie on one and my name on the other, and 2014 in the heart. This means a lot to me because this year we have to put Charlie down and this is our first Christmas with out him.

Again another personalised one, this is very funny and I love this because it has all our family's name on it including pets. But sadly Bob, Dave and Charlie aren't with us anymore. Also the Christmas pudding in the back in one I made last year!

This one is massive, we have these big decorations from Next and in the colours purple and gold! They are very shiny but look great on a big Christmas tree. 

My Nan brought this one for me as well as few years ago, it just has a Santa on the front with a quote and the word 'Granddaughter', this is very cute and the quote is quite cheesy but I love it.

Again to show the purple in our tree, we brought these packs of lovely decorations from Next. They have some words on but this says Peace, they are very whimsical looking and pretty.

Sticking with the gold, this is a clip on butterfly that came in a pack of around 6 from Next. It is very sparkly and cute but have no symbol to Christmas what so ever. They are very full looking but pretty at the same time.

This could be around my 3rd favourite one, they are purple shattered glass decorations, they have a lot of weight to them and look amazing on the tree. They really stand out and add something special to the tree, these are also from Next.

Homemade decorations are one of the best things to receive, especially from younger children. This is something my cousin made for us when she was really young, and it's like a memory for her to see when she comes round; homemade are the best and most sentimental.

We brought these little ones a few years ago, and brought one with everyone's name on it. This one was my dog Charlie's he had many nicknames and Charles was one of them. I like this a lot because it means so much, especially saying 'Merry Christmas Charles'.

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