Friday, 6 February 2015

Book Review - Love Tanya by Tanya Burr

Hello everyone,

I have an extra blog post for you today, and this is a book review! I have never done a book review yet, but this is going to be on a very new book released by fellow blogger and youtube Tanya Burr. This is her first book she has created called Love Tanya.

This book is only currently £6.49 from Amazon (Link), this is a hardcover book about the size of A5 but larger. The front cover of this book it beautiful, and really represents Tanya, it has pictures from the childhood, to holiday, and lastly her and Jim. This has a very clean feel about the cover, especially the layout of the pictures against a white cover. 

This is the contents page of Love Tanya, as you can see this features everything we would want to know and read, it covers every basis from skin care, hair care and to early life. The chapters of this book are:

- Prologue
- Growing Up: Part One
- Growing Up: Part Two
- Skincare Essentials
- Make-up Essentials
- Hair and Nail Essentials
- Fashion
- Love
- Life
- Baking & Recipes
- Confidence & Happiness
- Youtube
- Looking Forwards

Also along with two sub chapters Love Tanya and Acknowledgements.

This is how the chapters are based out, on the left hand side their are beautiful photos of Tanya herself, and on the right the name of the chapter in a lovely fancy font. The photos are amazing, they looks flawless as well they are reflecting some of the chapters, like this features on makeup brushes etc.

Also in each chapter, Tanya writes on the first page a bit about the chapter, and what to expect. The towards the end of the chapter their is a Top 10... for example their are Top 10 makeup products, Top 10 baking tips etc. This is such a good idea, because she also talks a bit about each favourite, this is easy to read if your looking for some quick tips.

Also on the end of each chapter, their is also some Notes sections, which asks you to list your things that aspire you to be fearless at.... This is a interactive way and makes the book feel like a diary or notebook. This is a really good idea if you want to jot down any ideas or things that you want that has been mentioned in the book.

Lastly, this is what each page looks like. As you can see on the left hand side Tanya mentions a few things about the upcoming chapter or some helpful invites to the chapter. Also I wanted to mention the font and text size, the font it a wonderful casual but classy look font and the size is perfect for reading. Also the background on the books are very cool toned with some pages coloured more than others.

My opinions -

My favourite chapters in the book were all of them, but mainly the ones I love the most were the growing up because it was nice to ready about Tanya when she was my age, and the things that happened and what she done. It also reminds you at how successful she has been and was a girl from a not so well known area. Also I enjoyed the Love and Life section because it was cute to hear about friendships and Jim. My last two most favourite chapter were Confidence and Happiness as well as Looking Forwards. just because i could relate to these the most regarding stress and panic attacks, as well as achieving your dreams it has made me really have a deep think and motivated me to achieve my dreams.

This book is so good that I had finished it with in 5 days of getting it, I have never been a massive reader and to say this book has made me like reading more but also inspired me to do well. I would recommend this book to everyone because it's truly amazing, it's well written and relatable. I especially felt more comfortable reading this book because of reading, it felt like a massive blog post! Overall I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 for obvious reasons!

I hope you enjoyed this, and now want to pick up Love Tanya because it's the best book I have read!

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