Friday, 13 February 2015

Staying Positive

Hello everyone,

This is an extra and very spontaneous post tonight, I just wanted to make this post because I have done a blog post about my experience with panic Attacks and dealing with them (link), but what goes hand in hand with that is positivity. 

Dealing with stress and panic attacks is very hard coming from my point of view, I feel as if no one understands and they under estimate how much panic attacks bad and sometimes how terrible they are to go through. Personally from my experience no one really understands panic attacks until they have been in that situation, it's one of the worst things I have to go through, and I don't think their is enough support in general for mental health issues.

But one thing I know for sure is that positivity can change your day, I think I am a really positive person day to day and I will always try to find a positive in every negative, and I make the best of a bad situation. When during a panic attack feeling and being positive is the last thing on my mind, hence why it's such a horrible place when your their. 

I just basically wanted to give you some advice on being positive. I know for some people being positive is not always something easy. I think when I am trying to stay positive I always scroll through Tumblr looking for quotes which I can relate to, but ones that have a positive effect on me. I also try and think of something that is going to happen that is positive, lately I have been looking at pictures of Florida because I am going their this year. 

Another thing that comes hand in hand with positivity is being relaxed, I know for a fact I am more positive when I am in a zen mood. I give myself one day a week (Sunday) which is my pamper/relaxing day, I treat myself with a bath, candles, face mask anything to keep me relaxed because I know the more relaxed I am, the less stressed I am and the more positive I can be. I also think it's good to make time for yourself and to just do something not stressful, and to take a break for revision. I have been reading more books lately, as well as colouring! Lately, I have been revising so much this week that I have been finding it hard to have a break, this is when I know that I am working too hard, because I want to not be stressed but I want to be health, as in eating right, drinking enough, looking after myself and getting enough sleep.

Positivity quotes -

Lastly, I just want to mention, that wether you have panic attacks, stress, anxiety or anything for that matter. Just remember that your not alone, a lot of young people deal with things like this on a daily basis including myself and many other. It might seem hard at the time to stay positive but your get their, your not going to feel instantly better a few hours later. I am still trying to feel better but I take tiny steps a day which will help me improve in time. And if you are lucky enough not to have to deal with this, just appreciate and be their for others, it's a horrible thing to go through on your own just be understanding, patient and their for that person whenever/wherever they need you.

Comment below how you stay positive, any does any of this help you?

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