Monday, 6 July 2015

15 Of My Favourite Feelings

Hello everyone,

I have recently been on Essie's Blog (Essiebutton) and found a video she done about her favourite feelings, I found this a great video so I have decided to do a post about some of my 15 favourite feelings.

1. Being on holiday - I love being on holiday with the sense of relaxation, I feel much happier when i'm discovering a new part of the world. I especially love being abroad or just somewhere with the sun, I also love the travelling part of going on holiday because I love planes and airports.

2. Achieving something I have worked hard for - This particular applies to grades at school. I have been working very hard at exams throughout this past year as well as revision, then when you get your target/grade, it makes you realise that hard work does pay off.

3. Being around dogs - I love animals but dogs are my favourite, they make me very happy and calm, their just very peaceful animals, this is partly why I miss my dog Charlie so much.

4. Pancakes - Lemon and sugar (Need I say more)

5. Shopping - We all have a hobby/interst that makes us the happiest version of ourselves, and for me mine is shopping. I love finding new things and planning outfits together.

6. Makeup - Makeup gives me confidence which makes me feel happier. I also love that with makeup you can experiment with different shades, colours and looks.

7. Christmas and my birthday - It's exciting, it's a time to spend family and friends, also everyone comes together and everyone is happy because it's a break as well.

8. Business - It's going to sound stupid, but I love business, I love how exciting it is as well as the sense of excitement that comes along with it because it's different every time.

9. A challenge - Not everyone loves pushing themselves, but I do I love doing my best as well as putting in all my effort, this is why I love a challenge because once you have achieved it then you feel as if you can take on everything and anything.

10. Socialising - I love being out with friends and family and socialising with them about almost everything, wether it's a meal or a shopping day, it feels great to be surrounded with your favourite people.

11. Talking - I love talking to people about a lot of different things, such as problems with subjects, home and friends but I also love talking to people about things we have in common. Also talking to people can really help if your having a difficult time with situations.

12. Being at sea - In Turkey we're always getting on Taxi boats or going on boat trips, and being on a boat is my favourite mode of transport (well one of). Being at sea is so peaceful and calming, it's a time to reflect but it makes me think in a positive way.

13. Music - I love listening to music, their is a song for every mood your in or everything you feel theirs a song for it. It makes me happier as well as feeling more positive.

14. Being independent - I don't always like doing things in a group or having help all the time, I love feeling independent because it makes me feel in charge as well as more grown up.

15. Smiling - Being happy is a lovely feeling and smiling really portrays that!

What are your favourite feelings? Comment below

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