Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Prom 2015

Hello everyone,

As promised I have my prom post for you, I will be showing you a few pictures of my dress etc, as well as just some pictures and some details of what I was wearing.

The accessories - 

My clutch was from Asos, it was £35 and it a prosper box clutch with pearls, I love this clutch it is so different because the pearls actually move around, this is a very unique bag and will go with every outfit and dress.

I changed my shoes multiple times because of them being too high, too uncomfortable and colours not matching but I finally chose these shoes from Lipsy. They are a blush pink heel with a single strap going across the toes, they were very comfy but after a while did ache. They were £65 but they are definitely worth the money because they looks beautiful and were the comfiest of the shoes I tried.

The dress -

This was my dress and it was from Coast, I done a Prom dress shopping blog posts (click here) to check it out. This was a wonderful dress and looked really nice on.

Hair and makeup -

My hair was done by a local hairdressers, I went in wanting curls but by the time prom was they fell out, so now my hair looks wavy instead. I also got my makeup done by Chanel, we had to pay £25 as a booking fee but then you get to put that money towards a product of your choice, so I brought the Chanel lipstick she used on me.

If you want to see more prom pictures of the night then check out my Instagram, I have a link under my signature. I also want to see your prom pictures so post pictures etc in the comments.

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