Saturday, 18 July 2015

Miami Day 1 - Arriving

Hello everyone,

Today is the start of my Miami travel posts, we drove down from Orlando which in total took around 5 hours, the roads were pretty clear. We are staying at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel, it is beautiful.

We stopped a few times on our long drive so I took the advantage of having a Dunkin' Donuts for the first time, I had the Vanilla Bean drink and a Sprinkle Glazed donut, they were lovely!

This was our view from our car while entering Miami, as soon as I saw this view I feel in love with the place! It is so different to Orlando firstly with the high rise buildings.

Yes, if your wondering this is the view from our hotel room it's stunning! We got upgraded so we have a lovely size balcony and view over looking Miami beach, waking up to this for a week is going to be bliss.

This is a beautiful sign that is in our hotel, is't it lovely to look at and I love what it's saying too.

This is our hotel at night, their are 6 pools which are heated and to even top off this beautiful place, their is also a iMac in our hotel room!

I'll see you tomorrow!

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