Friday, 17 July 2015

Florida Day 6 - Disney Parade and Fireworks

Hello everyone,

Today was our last day in Florida till we move onto Miami! I am so excited to see Miami and especially our hotel because it’s on the beach with some beautiful views. But today we decided that we would go to Universal to find the Bubba Gump shop in City Walk, we then had a walk around Universal.

For our last night we spent it at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, when we got their it started raining we wasn’t looking forward to it raining for the parade and fireworks, but by the time they were about to start it all cleared up just in time for the Electrical Parade.

The Electrical Parade was out of this world, it was beautiful with all the dimmed lights and then you have the characters all surrounded by these bright lights! It felt magical the whole night was magical which you obviously expect from Disney but I never thought I would feel the “magic” but I truly did. The parade lasted for 20 minutes, and what a wonderful 20 minutes they were, I felt like a child with a massive grin from one ear to the other.

Then at 10:00 PM we have the fireworks, first of all they had animated the front of the castle, it was playing scenes from Frozen, UP and many other Disney classics, this was beautiful in it’s self I didn't expect it to get any better.

The fireworks were outstanding, they were again so magical what made it more spectacular was they were playing scenes from the movies in the background, which made it more memorable because you’d recognise the quotes and sayings from you favourite disney films.

I would recommend a trip down to Disney especially to go to the Parade and Fireworks, especially at any age every person would find them magical. How ever old you are take a trip down to Disney it’s wonderful!

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