Friday, 17 July 2015

Florida Day 5 - Target, Walgreens, Candy and Universal

Hello everyone,

Florida Day 5! I was very excited for today because we were going to some America Drugstores like Walgreens and Target! Then during the evening we decided to go to finished off doing Universal Studios.

I was so excited to go to Walgreens and Tagret after hearing so much about them, I was mainly excited to see their food and makeup! Target had a better selection of makeup with different brands, but all stores may be different. (hint hint... expect a haul)

I obviously brought some food during my trip to Target and Walgreens, so I thought I would share with you a 'trying american candy' review.

Mike and Ike = 6/10 These are really good they tasted a lot like Jelly Beans but with more flavour, they flavour don't vary too much but they taste very nice, I also prefer the texture of these compared to jelly beans and lastly I love the flavour because they are sort of sour at times.

Goldfish baked = 5/10 These are either a love or hate thing, I have to admit I don't love them too much, they taste a lot like cheeslets which are nicer, but these taste more hollow and the cheese doesn't taste the best.

Twizzlers = 4/10 I have tried these before and I still have the same opinion, they taste quit artificial but they are okay.

Jolly Rancher sour bites = 7/10 These are really nice but they are really moorish, they aren't really sour but I like these.

Sour patch kids = 9/10 I love these they are very cute sweets but I love that their not too sour and the taste is really nice and sweet.

This was so cute I love Despicable me it's my favourite film, and what was so cute was Gru waved at me!

We went on a few rides last night but we didn't get too much done, but I loved the Simpsons ride that really really good and funny!

We also had something to eat at the NBA Restaurant, I had the courtside burger without cheese and bacon, it was okay but the chips were soo nice!

Tomorrow we're off to Disney to see the parade and fireworks!

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