Monday, 20 July 2015

Miami Day 3 - Shopping and Chilling

Hello everyone,

For Miami day 3 we decided to head over to the Sawgrass Mills Outlet  centre to pop into a few shops I only got a few things from Victoria's Secret because they were having a crazy sale!

This was the view this morning from our balcony, I also love this Snapchat stickers their so cute! The sea looked beautiful with this lovely gradient as the sea gets deeper.

I thought I would take a lovely picture of my VS bag against the view this evening, as I said the sale was so good, they had some body sprays for $5 and the lip glosses 7 for $24, the prices are much better over here compared to back in the UK, also the prices were even better because it was an outlet.

I also mentioned the book I was reading yesterday, well I have been reading it for a week and now I have finished it! It was a lovely book with a very meaningful story behind it. This is a great read and I would high recommend it, I may do a book review on it this month. I am now onto reading Juvie by Steven Watkins.

This is the view this evening I thought I would show you what I am currently looking at! I love sitting on the balcony looking our at this beautiful sea.

I'll see you tomorrow!

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