Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Miami Day 4 - Beach Walk

Hello everyone,

Another beautiful day in Miami, today we again had a relaxing day I have just been sitting out reading my book for most of the day with little breaks in between having a stroll round the hotel.

This is the main pool it was beautiful today they have 9 pools in this hotel. I love the palm trees in Miami they seem to line everything around the pools and around the roads.

This is the original part of the hotel this is around the main pool, this is the lowest part of the building because they can't knock the original parts of the hotel down, but they have to build around it and refurbish it.

We had a toll on the beach around 5:00, it was very over cast but still very humid and warm.

The beaches here in Miami are beautiful this was the one by our hotel and it is lovely!

I'll see you tomorrow for another beautiful day in Miami!

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