Thursday, 23 July 2015

Miami Day 5 and 6 - Boat Trip, Famous Homes and Shopping

Hello everyone,

I have a combined Miami day for you, yesterday we went on a boat trip to see the Miami skyline as well as the rich and famous homes well mansions to be honest. Then today we had a relaxing stroll round the shops along Washington Ave.

Day 5 -

This is one of the many pictures I got of the skyline from the Boat, we done the Millionaire's Row Cruise (Link). I loved this cruise because you got to see everyones beautiful mansions and the views were amazing of Miami itself.

These were some of the houses, I love this one in the middle it's beautiful! All these houses ranged from millions of dollars to thousands of square feet. 

These houses were owned by many different people such as Elizabeth Taylor, Julio Iglesias and even some houses that Shakira had rented out. It was great to see theses houses up close, I love dreaming about what my house could look like (hopefully some of these)!

Just another close up of the lovely homes.

Day 6 -

Like I said we went shopping, I only got somethings in Victoria's Secret but had a browse in a few more shops.  I went to Dash Miami as well! I tautly forgot their was a Dash in Miami, until I saw their bags pooping up everywhere round the hotel. It was lovely inside everything was quit expensive but you expect nothing less from the Kardashian Sisters.

Their was also a Mac opposite Dash, also on the subject of Mac the woman at Gatwick told me that their brining out a Whirl lipstick, I am holding out for it since I have been wanting the lip liner so badly.

Victoria's Secret was a lovely shop I mean size wise, they had a upstairs of Pink and down stairs for underwear etc. I brought my mum a little present as well as something for myself.

The beautiful mothership, I didn't go into Sephora because I would buy the whole shop again but I took a picture of the shop for memory purposes. 

Well that was today and yesterday! Tomorrow is our last day! :(

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