Friday, 24 July 2015

Miami Day 7 - Sunrise, Macaron and Books

Hello everyone,

This is the last day of Miami, I am so sad to be leaving tomorrow it has been wonderful here and I never want to leave but I will be coming back. Today we was just popped to Walgreens and just went into a shop or two.

Last night I was saying how I always wanted to see a sunrise but a good one! Once I found out that the sunrises the way our room is I made the effort to get up at 6:35, sunrise was at 18 minutes to 7. 

It was very pretty and exactly what I imagined it to be, it was worth the early start. I also tried to take a time lapse of it but it didn't work as well as I expected it to.

About mid day be took a stroll down to Chez Bon Bon, I had my eye on  this Macaron for the whole time we have been here, it's a gluten free raspberry macaron, it was amazing! The nicest macaron I have had, it was $5.95 and worth every penny.

Then we went looking for a book and came across this book shop called Books and Books (Click here), we went to the one on Lincoln Road Mall Miami Beach. I have to say it was the nicest book shop I have ever been to, it was very vintage looking with people sitting down and reading through books, they had a massive selection of every book imaginable from 50 shades to the hungry caterpillar. 

I was lost without a book since I finished reading both of mine that I brought with me, this was the whole reason for the adventure to find a book shop. I brought Paper Towns by John Green, I had wanted to read this book since reading The Fault In Our Stars. I will probably do a book review on all 3 of the books after I have read this one.

Well that is it got these Holiday posts, I hope you enjoyed my travels as much as I did. 

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