Friday, 11 September 2015

My College Experience So Far!

Hello everyone,

As some of you may or may not know this Monday this week being the 7th September 2015, I started college! I am studying Level 3 Btec Business which is the equivalent of 3 A-levels. I thought considering I have finished my first week that I would share my experience as well as some tips etc. Also just to let you all know my upload dates are Friday, anything else is a bonus throughout the week.

Monday -

I started college on Monday, I had to be there for 9AM, it was definitely a shock getting up at 7 in the morning! I was so nervous but I was excited at the same time because I was finally having a change rather than being at secondary school. The thing that I was more nervous about was obviously being on my own and not knowing anyone, all of my friends had gone to sixth form, but it I did have friends at college we were in on different days or we were doing different courses.

When I got into college I was definitely more excited actually being at college after months of waiting. When I arrived at college we got taken up to the business part where we all found out our rooms and teachers. I went into the class really nervous but within 30 minutes of being in their I made friends! I will be doing a post soon about making friends and some tips I learnt. 

The friends I had are lovely girls and we get on like a house of fire. Once we had settled in to our class we got given our timetables for the week, I am in college Monday from 9-5.15, Tuesday  starting at 12.30 and finishing at 4.30, then on Thursday starting at 9 and finishing at 12.30. I love the days I am in college because I get a lie in on Tuesday but I also get a few days break.

Throughout the rest of the day we had a few breaks and just had a introduction to the course, what we will be learning and what's expected of us coursework wise etc. 

Tuesday -

I have never loved having a lie in as much as I did on Tuesday, it gave me time to get ready without rushing, to actually wake up naturally without hitting a snooze button a few times, it was also nice to be able to watch TV and to catch up with programmes I had missed throughout the past week. 

We done some lessons which was nice because out lessons just consists of learning and taking notes in preparation for our assignments. Also on our timetable our lessons are called lectures, this is a nice touch because it feels like university and as if we have grown up education wise.

Thursday -

I didn't mind waking up early on Thursday because I knew I wasn't going to mind college because I wasn't on my own. We done some team activities as well as learning about teams in business, we also got given our fire assignment which was a nice one actually. I really like how our assignments are literally based on notes we take in class, I done this assignment as soon as I got home so it was out of the way, it was nice to actually be doing business work at home because the last time I had done it was a few years ago.

Overall - 

Overall I am over the moon with college, I love it so much and is the best decision I have made so far in my life! I am much happier here because I have made new friends as well as doing business which I love! The relaxed atmosphere is lovely and the fact that we're in control of our learning is great, I love it!

Advice and Tips -

  • The biggest tip I can suggest is to get yourself a diary, no many people in my class have thought of this but they agreed it was a good idea. I am going to get a lot of coursework throughout the years, and some on going at the same time you need to stay on top of it otherwise your going to forget everything. 
  • Text books are great when it comes to business I used them all the time throughout Business Level 2, they are great to refer back to for extra guidance when it comes to coursework, they are a life savour!
  • Throughout your first week try and decide how your going to organise your notes and work. I started off by writing it which is a good idea, but I have started using my laptop which makes everything much easier. I have organised separate folders on my laptop starting off at Business year 1, then onto my teachers names, and then I had a folder called assingments which has my brief for it as well as my work for it. This is a perfect way to stay organised. 
  • Do your assignments more or less as soon as you get them, you don't want to get behind and having it all on top of you. I am really good at self discipline and doing things as soon as I get given them, it's the best way to be!
I hope this helped, I will have more college posts soon!