Thursday, 17 September 2015

Having a positive start to your day!

Hello everyone,

I was thinking last night that I wanted to do a lifestyle post tonight which is a add on to tomorrows post, I wanted to give my tips and advice on how to have a positive start to your day and waking up feeling refreshed for a new day!

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A good night sleep - When I was going to school this is something I struggled with a lot! Lately I have been sleeping much better since going to college but I have discovered an app! It's called Sleep Better which is a free app, this tracks your sleeping patterns, wakes you up and is meant to make you wake up more naturally by giving you a half an hour time slot. This has helped me have a better night sleep and it's interesting to actually see your sleeping pattern. Link

Staying on top of things - Personally I know for a fact that when I was disorganised I get stressed which puts me in a bad mood instantly, this is why it's important to stay on top of things because you can be relaxed and organised. Leaving things till the last minute is a never good idea, you'll never start your day on a positive note when you have a whole mound of work to catch up on.

Breakfast! - I have to admit I don't eat breakfast as often as I should, I have to admit though it does make me feel better and is a important meal to start your day the right way.

Showering - If you have the time in the morning I would recommend hopping in the shower for a few minutes just for a wash, it makes you more awake as well as feeling more human!

Planning your outfit - When I feel like my outfit isn't 'on point' then I will never feel decent, I have recently started planning my outfit the night before since starting college, this makes me feel relaxed, I can find what I want without rushing and I feel put together. Also rushing in the morning makes me feel stressed a lot of the time so this helps to save time, which is a life savour if I wake up late.

Music! - Once I have stepped foot out the house my headphones go in, I love just chilling on the bus listening to up beat music that sets my day off in the right direction! I love upbeat music because it makes me feel more awake and lively!

Positive thoughts - I always say that positivity affects everything, if you think your going to have a good day, the chance are you will! 

I hope this helps put a positive start on your day!